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by D&B Audiotechnik in Pro Audio \ Amplification

The d&b D12 amplifier is a dual channel amplifier incorporating digital signal processors (DSP) to provide loudspeaker specific configurations and functions. It is designed for use with all d&b loudspeakers, has both digital and analog signal inpu...
88 Available
0 New
88 Used
by Crown in Pro Audio \ Amplification

Macro-Tech amplifiers are designed to provide enormous levels of pure, undistorted power in a rugged low-profile package—making them the choice for pro sound reinforcement. They utilize our patented ODEP® protection circuitry to keep the show going long a...
10 Available
0 New
10 Used
by Digam in Pro Audio \ Amplification

2-Channel High Power Amplifier for High Performance Touring Made for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications, the K8 represents a very popular power range. Occupying no more than a single rack space, it is a classic power source for mid-sized tou...
4 Available
0 New
4 Used
by QSC in Pro Audio \ Amplification

The PowerLight® 2 Series is a high performance line of amplifiers designed exclusively for the touring and live sound professional. Four models range in power from 900 watts to 1850 watts per channel, all in two-rack space chassis that are only 14" d...
2 Available
0 New
2 Used
by Carver in Pro Audio \ Amplification

The PM-1.5 Low Feedback/High Headroom Power Amplifier is completely unique in design and execution. The first Magnetic-Field Power Amplifier™ exclusively intend for commercial sound applications, the PM-1.5 stands in a class all by itself when compared wi...
3 Available
0 New
3 Used
by Electrovoice in Pro Audio \ Amplification

The EV/Dynacord P1050 Processed Precision amplifier is a very-high-quality power amplifier designed to elicit maximum performance and sound quality from any speaker system. Its ultraslow distortion, powerful amplifiers and unique processor section ensure...
13 Available
0 New
13 Used
by Mackie in Pro Audio \ Amplification

The M•1400 is the best amplifier values on the planet. Road-rugged, award-winning* and regularly abused by tens of thousands of satisfied customers. The M•1400 share most of the features with the other FR Series amps. Check out the features below. 140...
16 Available
0 New
16 Used
by Crown in Pro Audio \ Amplification

Crown's unique Macro-Tech 24x6 and 36x12 provide practical solutions to biamplified system applications such as stage monitors. Each amp features a high- and medium-power channel in a single, low-profile unit. Both amps have separate power supplies which...
48 Available
0 New
48 Used
by Lab Gruppen in Pro Audio \ Amplification

PLM 10000Q Powered Loudspeaker Management system The PLM 10000Q seamlessly integrates networked digital signal distribution, drive processing, power amplification, and load verification and performance monitoring in a single hardware unit and unified soft...
23 Available
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23 Used
by Meyer in Pro Audio \ Amplification

MS1000 Amplifier by Meyer....
1 Available
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1 Used