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by Crest in Pro Audio \ Amplification

The Crest Audio 8001 power amplifier is a compact, extremely high-power amplifier designed to meet the most stringent needs of professional use in concert touring, high quality sound reinforcement, and professional fixed installations. A three rack-space...
20 Available
0 New
20 Used
by Lab Gruppen in Pro Audio \ Amplification

Powerful, lightweight, space-saving The fP 6400 is a lightweight and space-saving power amplifier, ideal for use in high quality touring sound systems as well as in demanding permanent installations. Overall efficiency and heat dissipation always have bee...
18 Available
3 New
15 Used
by Crown in Pro Audio \ Amplification

Micro-Tech amplifiers use proven technol- ogy and a miniaturized design to deliver terrific value for their size, weight and price. Crown’s patented ODEP protection circuitry and Grounded BridgeTM output stages combine to provide performance and reliabili...
15 Available
0 New
15 Used
by D&B Audiotechnik in Pro Audio \ Amplification

The d&b D12 amplifier is a dual channel amplifier incorporating digital signal processors (DSP) to provide loudspeaker specific configurations and functions. It is designed for use with all d&b loudspeakers, has both digital and analog signal inpu...
92 Available
0 New
92 Used
by Ramsa in Pro Audio \ Amplification

From the clean, uncluttered appearance and simple operation, to their uncompromising reliability and professional performance, RAMSA's WP-1000 Series Power Amplifiers are the ideal foundation of a great sound system. Simple Sophistication Behind their sl...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
by Other in Pro Audio \ Amplification

The Miles Technology MPR-450 proves that all amplifiers are not created equal. Innovation and attention to detail make this unique amplifier highly reliable and sonically accurate. The MPR-450 is perfectly suited for A/V and multimedia systems, distribute...
2 Available
0 New
2 Used
by Miscellaneous in Pro Audio \ Amplification

Miscelaneous Amp Racks. See individual listings for details....
38 Available
6 New
32 Used
by Peavey in Pro Audio \ Amplification

Building on the reputation of the world-famous Peavey CS 800, which conquered the power amp market in the 1970s, the CS Series is the global standard bearer for workhorse reliability. Over the years, these amps have benefited from some of Peavey's most po...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
by Yamaha in Pro Audio \ Amplification

Yamaha's audio engineers have specifically designed the new P-Series power amplifiers to be perfect companions to the popular Club Series loudspeakers. To achieve this, they made sure that the amplifiers are capable of delivering power that matches the po...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
by Peavey in Pro Audio \ Amplification

IPR2 power amplifiers, designed for years of reliable, flawless operation under rigorous use. The groundbreaking IPR2 series utilizes an advanced design that allows Peavey engineers to dramatically reduce weight while increasing output power, reliability...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used