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by Clay Paky in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Alpha Spot HPE 1200 is the highlight of the Alpha range. Its extraordinary luminosity is guaranteed by the combination of a top performance optical unit and a 1200 W discharge lamp. Featuring a large, newly designed Effects Section, Color Mixing CMY and L...
18 Available
0 New
18 Used
by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Studio Color 575 is the optimum wash light for powerful color mixing and beam shaping. This fixture offers a full designer’s palette, including virtually unlimited color selection, dimming, strobe and shutter, variable beam-shaping, variable frosting, and...
407 Available
72 New
335 Used
by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Designed for a wide variety of small and medium scale performance applications, TechnoArc is a compact soft-edge luminaire with exceptional value and performance. A natural companion to the Technospot, this full featured fixture is designed for club, stag...
82 Available
0 New
82 Used
by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The intellaspot represents the next generation in innovative optics, providing high lumen output, energy efficiency, zoom range, and overall feature set — all at a highly economical price point.  The fixture is a hard-edged moving yoke light featuring smo...
76 Available
0 New
76 Used
by Elation in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The Platinum Spot 5R Pro by Elation Professional is an expanded PRO model of our successful Platinum Spot 5R with added features of CMY color mixing, Motorized Optical Zoom, Pan / Tilt Lock, Power Con in/out and Elation Wireless DMX receiver built in. Thi...
114 Available
86 New
28 Used
by Elation in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The Platinum Beam 15R is the next evolution in extreme ACL / Beam moving heads. Featuring the new Platinum 15R 300 watt Lamp from Philips, offering comparable output to 1200w fixtures with a new specialized optical system offering sharp gobo projections a...
51 Available
50 New
1 Used
by Martin in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The MAC 2000 Profile is a high performance luminaire with two rotating gobo wheels, full CMY color mixing, effect wheel and a combined color and gobo wheel. The MAC 2000 delivers intense, pure light output generated from a 1200-watt source. An extraordina...
647 Available
0 New
647 Used
by Martin in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The MAC 700 Profile is a compact, powerful fixture with an output and optical precision beyond its peers. It combines a full CMY color mixing system with an 8 position color wheel and a gobo animation system for dramatic projection effects. It also featur...
426 Available
0 New
426 Used
by Martin in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The MAC 2000 Wash is the industry´s wash light of choice. It is exceptionally powerful with a clean, even, soft-edged beam, a motorized zoom and rich CMY color mixing supplemented with two color wheels. • 1200 W short arc discharge lamp • CMY color mixin...
264 Available
0 New
264 Used
by Martin in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The MAC 2000 Performance moving light features a mechanized framing system and gobo animation module as well as a gobo and effect wheel, CMY system and much more. • 1200 W short arc discharge lamp• CMY color mixing system• Variable CTC• Motorized zoom and...
98 Available
0 New
98 Used