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by Altman in Lighting & Effects \ Blacklight/UV Fixtures

The Altman UV-705 is a compact, high output blacklight floodlight. It is designed to provide a wash of high intensity illumination of fluorescent materials at distances up to 40 feet. The luminaire does not require any fans for cooling, resulting in extre...
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85 Used
by American DJ in Lighting & Effects \ Blacklight/UV Fixtures

• High-powered 160W UV panel in a compact, low profile case• Throws large amounts of fluorescent UV over a wide area • On/off switch• Includes hanging bracket• Low power consumption• Lamp: 4x 40W LL-UVP40, 800 hr. long life• Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.25” x 16...
24 Available
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by American DJ in Lighting & Effects \ Blacklight/UV Fixtures

• 400W Super High output Black light• Ideal for large venues• Comes with Hanging Bracket.• Lamp: LL-400BL...
48 Available
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by American DJ in Lighting & Effects \ Blacklight/UV Fixtures

• 48 in. high output black light with tube & fixture • Reflectors for super high output! • Assembled with tube & fixture • On/Off switch • Lamp: ZB-F40BLB 40W black light...
36 Available
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by Wildfire in Lighting & Effects \ Blacklight/UV Fixtures

This advanced ultraviolet projector is the flagship of the Long-Throw series. Its powerful throw, quiet operation and smooth even light distribution, has made the Wildfire 400-watt flood the world's best selling UV lighting fixture. Standard features incl...
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by Nocturn in Lighting & Effects \ Blacklight/UV Fixtures

Nocturn 400 Performs in a category with higher wattage - and more costly blacklight floods. Outstanding coverage plus outstanding throw and intensity add up to outstanding value. Output exceeds the performance of many 400 Watt UV floods, providing thr...
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by Nocturn in Lighting & Effects \ Blacklight/UV Fixtures

Nocturn 600 A new generation of blacklight technology delivers a combination of coverage, throw and edge-to-edge field intensity unmatched by any other fixture. All that plus DMX control and hot-restrike capability. The future of UV effects has arrive...
by Wildfire in Lighting & Effects \ Blacklight/UV Fixtures

When you are looking to create The Wildfire Effect at an affordable price, we suggest WILDFIRE’S EFFECTS MASTER SERIES. This fixture provides a powerful glow unmatched by its competitors. • 4 times the output of the next best competing product.• Available...