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by ETC in Lighting & Effects \ Ellipsoidals/Lekos

When your lighting situation requires even more precise optics for projecting images, gobos, and logos, the Source Four EDLT (Enhanced Definition Lens Tube) option is an invaluable addition to your Source Four inventory. The EDLT attaches easily to any ne...
373 Available
23 New
350 Used
by ETC in Lighting & Effects \ Ellipsoidals/Lekos

Now take the light you love outdoors: a Source Four for exterior use. ETC's Source Four XT is an HID Zoom spotlight that offers the acclaimed operational benefits of Source Fours -- optical acuity, brilliant light output, and energy efficiency, in a housi...
5 Available
0 New
5 Used
by ETC in Lighting & Effects \ Ellipsoidals/Lekos

With Source Four Zoom you only need one fixture for a variety of field angles. Plus, Source Four Zoom makes it easy: ETC's patented one-handed zoom operation makes adjustments quick, simple and safe. Technicians can focus with one hand and hold the ladder...
20 Available
14 New
6 Used
by Altman in Lighting & Effects \ Ellipsoidals/Lekos

The legendary 360Q is a compact, rugged ellipsoidal spotlight which produces a high intensity sharp or soft edged beam. This lightweight luminaire is outfitted with an efficient, specially facetted reflector specifically designed for the new generation of...
72 Available
0 New
72 Used
by ETC in Lighting & Effects \ Ellipsoidals/Lekos

The power of Source Four in a compact and economical size! The smaller-scale Source Four jr uses the same technology that made the standard Source Four famous. That means unsurpassed imaging and beam quality. Compared to many conventional 650W and 1000W e...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
by Diversitronics in Lighting & Effects \ Ellipsoidals/Lekos

Now project with high speed xenon strobe bursts in a standard ellipsoidal. The model ESM-DMX is a lightweight DMX strobe module that plugs easily into an ETC Source 4 ellipsoidal by simply switching end caps and attaching a lightweight (2.2 lbs) external...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
by Chauvet Professional in Lighting & Effects \ Ellipsoidals/Lekos

The Ovation Ellipsoidal HR Lens Tube is a interchangeable lens tubes that fits the Ovation E-190WW LED light....
48 Available
48 New
0 Used
by Chauvet Professional in Lighting & Effects \ Ellipsoidals/Lekos

Powered by 19 10-watt LEDs, Ovation™ E-190WW delivers an excellent white light with a warm color temperature and a beautiful flat field. It also features standard beam shaping shutters, a gobo/effect slot and lens barrels that are interchangeable with oth...
40 Available
40 New
0 Used
by Strand in Lighting & Effects \ Ellipsoidals/Lekos

See individual listings for details....
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
by Altman in Lighting & Effects \ Ellipsoidals/Lekos

The ME3 ellipsoidal is a high efficiency LED framing projector with a 20°-40° variable zoom focus. Utilizing a 3,000°K 25W LED source with an expected life of 50,0000 hours, the ME3 features bright and crisp pattern or graphic projections via optional ste...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used