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by Antari in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

ICE machine (ICE-101), as it name suggests, produces beautiful floor-hugging dry ice fog effect by simply adding regular ice cubes. Without the inconvenience of dry ice or the potential health hazards caused by dry ice’s heavily CO2 smoke, this ICE machin...
14 Available
12 New
2 Used
by MDG in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

Our flagship series, the MAXAPS fog generators are renowned for their versatility in large venues. Create dramatic, localized fog or disperse it to fill the space. • Extremely powerful, adjustable fog output • Virtually noiseless, with the finest fog and...
26 Available
4 New
22 Used
by Antari in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

This is world s 1st SmartPhone controlled fog machine: Antari WiFi800. Now, besides making phone calls, checking your Facebook, playing Angry Birds,you can also use your SmartPhone to control Antari WiFi800 fogger. Add this cool function to your stylish A...
86 Available
86 New
0 Used
by Antari in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

The new Z-350 Fazer™ is the latest creation from Antari™. The adoption of air pump technology not only enables the Z-350 Fazer™ to generate dry haze but also provides its heater a self cleaning function. The Z-350 Fazer™ includes a larger diameter tube wh...
36 Available
36 New
0 Used
by Antari in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

Z-1200II dominates the entry level fog machine market with its high performance output and high tech features. The Z-1200II is equipped with the ECO thermal control system and the patented UNICORE heater technology. The systems electronic thermostat can d...
62 Available
62 New
0 Used
by Antari in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

This premium-performance series is specially upgraded for professional users who demand true “Plug-In and Play” operation for stage fog machines. All the unnecessary wires are eliminated leaving you a transmitting controller in your hand to send out the c...
12 Available
12 New
0 Used
by Antari in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

Want to add colors to your fog effects? Not a problem with the new Antari Z-1520 RGB. 22 RGB bright LEDs enhance the fog output produced by the Antari Z-1520, the evolutional successor of well-known Z-1020. W-2 remote allows four colors to be assigned to...
62 Available
62 New
0 Used
by Antari in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

The new Antari M-4 is a powerful multi-position fogger with a structure design for versatile rigging options. Features include an easy accessible fluid tank compartment for refill and transportation ease, built-in Wireless DMX, and an included W-2 wireles...
28 Available
28 New
0 Used
by Antari in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

Z-1500II is the results of rigorous research and development being conducted to enhance its machine lifetime, stability and reliability. Because of its compact size and durable appearance, this new fogger provides significant advantages in wider applicati...
112 Available
112 New
0 Used
by Antari in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

W-515D 1500W Wireless Fogger, SKU# ANF515. SPECIFICATIONS: Power: AC120V / 60Hz Heater: 1,500 W Output: 20,000 cu.ft / min First Heat-Up Time: 10 min Tank Capacity: 6 liter Fluid Consumption Rate: 8.3 min / liter (100% Output) Remote Included: W-1 Wirel...
86 Available
86 New
0 Used