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by Robert Juliat in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

The Robert Juliat Heloise uses a 2500w MSR lamp and is designed as a overhead follow spot (short throw) with a zoom range of 15º to 29º Ideal as truss light or balcony follower. Thanks to it’s compact ad efficient design, the Heloise is very easy to handl...
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8 Used
by Altman in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

The Altman UV-703 is a compact, high output blacklight fresnel. It is designed to provide high intensity illumination of fluorescent materials at distances up to 150 feet. The fixture does not require any fans for cooling, resulting in extremely quiet ope...
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by Robert Juliat in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

Specification Electrical Current11A (strike) 4.1A (settled) LampMSD 700W Plug Top16A Mechanical Beam11°-22° Frame Size165mm (circ) Weight40kg...
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by Lycian in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

STARKLITE 1271 Lens Assemblies. See individual listings for details....
9 Available
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9 Used
by Elation in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

The new PRO FS 15R™ is a high output medium throw followspot featuring the Phillips™ MSD Platinum 15R lamp, 2,000 hour average lamp life, 13,500 total lumens with5° to 10° manual zoom, (5) dichroic colors including CTB plus white, (4) manual gel frame hol...
50 Available
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by Altman in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

A ruggedly constructed medium throw follow spot, the SATELLITE-1 produces a hard or soft edged beam which zooms from a 9.6' to 26.5' diameter circle at a distance of 75' with the iris fully open. The beam may be further attenuated by using the integral ir...
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by Lycian in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

Lycian Midget HP 1209              Good for throws from 80' to 200' Midget HP offers long life, high performance.          An excellent choice as a front-of-house followspot for small theatres, hotels,          schools and churches.This model inclu...
2 Available
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2 Used
by Strong in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

The Strong Xenon Super Trouper is a high-intensity follow spotlight suitable for trouping or fixed installation. This compact unit offers Super Trouper quality of light in a smaller package. The Short Throw model is efficient, yet matches the intensity of...
8 Available
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8 Used
by Phoebus in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

Compact, versatile and bright, the Mighty Arc II/S is a narrow beam, very high output followspot designed to compete with the fixture intensive light plots of today's concert tours.  At, only 33" it is extremely compact and quickly gaining recognitio...
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2 Used
by Robert Juliat in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

D'Artagnan is the one to call on when you need power! With no equivalent on the market, the 2500W D'Artagnan is the most powerful of profiles. Indispensable for dramatics effects at the opera, it is also ideal for outdoor TV recordings, fashion shows and...
1 Available
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