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by Marshall in Pro Audio \ Headphones

THE REAL DEAL MINOR BLACK The Minor may look pristine, but this hardworking in-ear model is always ready to rock. Besides the Minor good looks, the patented EarClick solution ingeniously secures the earpiece into position at two separate points rather tha...
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by Marshall in Pro Audio \ Headphones

Marshall Major FX Headphones BLACK. Available in black/gold, pitch black and white. The major comes with 3.5mm jack plug and ¼” converter. They’re sturdy, deliver superior sound and are designed to be used all day, every day...
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by Behringer in Pro Audio \ Headphones

The POWERPLAY PRO-8 HA8000 is a professional, high-power multi-purpose 8-channel headphone distribution amplifier. It features eight totally independent stereo high-power amplifier sections in one rack space, 2 separate main inputs, 2 headphone outputs pe...
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by Other in Pro Audio \ Headphones

Hear Back Hub Features: • Three switch selectable 8-channel input sources: – ADAT Optical – Analog – HearBus • 24-bit A/D converters• Digital inputs: 44.1KHz and 48 KHz sample rates• Less than 1.5 milliseconds system delay • 3-LED four-level metering• Sta...
4 Available
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by Behringer in Pro Audio \ Headphones

An articulate headphone mix can make a tremendous difference to the outcome of a recording session. The four-channel BEHRINGER HA4700 features superior performance, routing and mixing functions to accommodate the most discerning set of ears. When a condit...
10 Available
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10 Used
by Rane in Pro Audio \ Headphones

Very simple. You and up to three other friends want to listen to the same mix under headphones. Just take the HC 4S, plug in, turn on, adjust your individual volumes, and get down. The HC 4S provides master stereo Inputs which can be used to drive the fou...
by Sennheiser in Pro Audio \ Headphones

The DirectEar Set 250-120 System includes a TI250 infrared transmitter that connects directly into the audio output of the TV, VCR or compatible audio source. A high quality audio signal is transmitted on 2.3 MHz infrared carrier frequency to the RI250 st...
by Beyer Dynamic in Pro Audio \ Headphones

Single-Ear-Version with dynamic microphone for live, remote broadcasting, studio, film, TV and language lab applications. Features• Highly sensitive headphone and microphone transducers• Legendary, classic design• Excellent ambient noise attenuation• Capa...
by AKG in Pro Audio \ Headphones

The newly designed K 99 are semi-open stereo headphones which combine excellent sound and optimum price/performance. Self-adjusting headband, soft leatherette circumaural earpads, and low weight ensure pleasant fit. Large, high-performance 1.6-inch (40-mm...
by Other in Pro Audio \ Headphones

This compact, rugged box lets listeners and performers adjust their own headphone volume. In fact, two sets of listeners can independently set their stereo headphone levels or achieve separate mixes of two mono sources. By sending the mix minus signal d...