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by Marshall Amplification in More \ Instrument Amplifiers

Marshall Model 5150 150 Watt Lead Guitar Combo....
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
by Fender in More \ Instrument Amplifiers

This Fender Pro 185 Amplifier screams a whopping 450 watts of solid state technology....
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
by Other in More \ Instrument Amplifiers

The Ampeg Portaflex "flip-top" bass amp made the Sixties bass revolution possible. You've heard this all-tube amp on thousands of classic recordings, and the B-15 remains a favorite in recording studios all over the world. It still looks like th...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
by Marshall Amplification in More \ Instrument Amplifiers

The brand new JCM2000 Triple Super Lead [TSL] series takes the critically acclaimed circuitry of the JCM2000 Dual Super Lead [DSL] range and then goes one step further. By giving you 3 independent channels and many innovative features, the all-valve TSL r...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
by Marshall Amplification in More \ Instrument Amplifiers

Between the Dual Reverb and SL-X ranges, the JCM900 series of valve powered amplifiers and combos offer completely flexible systems to ideally suit the type of player and size of performance. Extra Strength SL-X • 50 Watt 2500 SL-X and 100 Watt 2100 SL-X...
by Marshall Amplification in More \ Instrument Amplifiers

Marshall MG250DFX Guitar Combo Amplifier. Double the power of the feature loaded, versatile MG50DFX and you get the MG250DFX with its stereo, 50W + 50W, power amp driving 2x12 in. custom speakers - awesome! Features: • Twin footswitchable channels - Clea...
by Fender in More \ Instrument Amplifiers

The Fender TWIN™ is the next step up in the evolution of High Performance instrument amplification. The new TWIN is a direct descendent of classic tube amps such as the Fender Twin Reverb®, and 410 Bassman®, which have shaped today’s world of guitar amps....
by Roland in More \ Instrument Amplifiers

It’s been thirty years since the first Roland Jazz Chorus guitar amplifier made its appearance. With its astonishing “JC” chorus effects and distinctive clear, tonally pure sound, the JC amp has become an industry reference. Uncompromising sound quality,...
by Hartke in More \ Instrument Amplifiers

The VX "Very Extreme" Series bass reflex cabinets were designed for bassists who demand excellent tone but prefer traditional paper cone drivers. These warm, punchy enclosures feature proprietary drivers with specially treated cones, impregnated...
by Gallien-Krueger (GK) in More \ Instrument Amplifiers

Your new GK 800RB Bass Amplifier represents the latest advances that technology has to offer. Contained in a small lightweight package are a set of unbeatable voicing filters, a four-band equalizer, a tunable electronic crossover and a bi-amp power amplif...