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by Other in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

Stage Monitor Wedge, see individual listings for details....
20 Available
0 New
20 Used
by SLS in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

The 8190v2 s a high quality single 8” two-way passive design. It serves as a multipurpose box that offers solutions for fill coverage, small format PA and stage monitoring. The 8190v2 high frequency section features a high performance PRD500 planar ribbon...
2 Available
0 New
2 Used
by SLS in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

The 112RM is a full-range bi-amped high quality 12” stage monitor thatoffers high SPL with very low distortion.The 112RM high frequency section features a high performance PRD1000planar ribbon transducer designed and manufactured by SLS Loudspeakers.The u...
2 Available
0 New
2 Used
by Community in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

The M4 Midrange Compression Driver is a very high output, high sensitivity driver for systems requiring powerful midrange capabilities. This includes component two, three and four-way full range high fidelity music systems as well as one-way, voice-only h...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
by Galaxy Audio in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

The HOT SPOT monitor series has been the world’s number one personal monitor since it's invention in 1977. There are two basic concepts that have led to the continued success of the HOT SPOT. The first concept was to bring the monitor closer to the perfor...
6 Available
0 New
6 Used
by L'Acoustics in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

MTD108A Monitor by L-Acoustics....
49 Available
0 New
49 Used
by EAW in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

The MicroWedge MW12 is collaboration between original MicroWedge Series inventor Dave “Rat” Levine (owner of Rat Sound Systems, Inc.) and the EAW Engineering Department, resulting in dramatically upgraded performance and ergonomics. The coaxial design pai...
26 Available
0 New
26 Used
by Meyer in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

Designed for a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications, the compact, arrayable UPA-2C allows for controlled coverage of wide areas in theater, club and concert sound reinforcement. The powerful loudspeaker delivers high sound pressure levels with...
12 Available
0 New
12 Used
by RCF in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

The NX 12-SMA is equipped with new high power 700 W digital amplifier and a newly designed 12” coaxial neodymium transducer that guarantees outstanding audio quality and definition as well as an extremely lightweight of the final system. The NX 12-SMA c...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
by Miscellaneous in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

Find Custom Stage Monitor Cabinet. See individual listings for more details....
8 Available
0 New
8 Used