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by Miscellaneous in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

4 Light Audience Blinder It's designed for Par36 ACL 28V 250W or DWE 120V 650W lamps.The units consist of a sturdy, black anodized aluminum case with a strong, adjustable bracket. The rear plate with louver for better ventilation an keeping lam life longe...
26 Available
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8 Used
by Miscellaneous in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

Find various Lamp Bars and Par Bars here. See individual listings for more details....
89 Available
39 New
50 Used
by Elements in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

The Krypton 25 (Kr 25) is the most versatile matrix to be introduced to the lighting industry.  With it's pre programmed built in programs or the option of independant modular option, the Kr 25 creates a new type of lighting system. Full 25 channel pixel...
116 Available
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116 Used
by Linksys in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

For both desktop or rackmount installations  • 10/100 switch provides easy network connectivity for multiple computers.  Each port features autosensing, full-duplex operation and auto MDI/MDI-X, and runs at non-blocking, full-wire speeds up to 200Mbps.  •...
1 Available
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1 Used
by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

Eclipser Assembly utilizes an electro-mechanical light valve for multi-media fade/dissolve capability. It is designed to interface any standard programmer, without modification, by using standard Kodak Extagraphic connectors. Eclipser shutter sync control...
1 Available
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1 Used
by Pani in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

The heart of the CRLS Cine Reflect Lighting System is the Panibeam. It is a precisely engineered and accurately designed parabolic beam for use with the narrow shape of an short arc HMI lamp. Only this unique beam will provide the quality of light needed...
1 Available
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1 Used
by Color Kinetics in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

eColor Cove MX Powercore delivers the highest light output in the line of solid color linear cove lights from Philips Color Kinetics. With medium and wide beam angles and a range of fixed colors, eColor Cove MX Powercore can be used for accent lighting as...
2 Available
0 New
2 Used
by Strand in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

This compact 300/500W spotlight is the smallest focusing fresnel in the Quartzcolor range, and a very convenient lamphead in ENG kits. Particularly suited to situations where lighting detail, key light or special effects are required, but with the source...
5 Available
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5 Used
by Chroma-Q in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

Designed primarily for tradeshow use, the Chroma-Q Daylight PAR features a 575W 6000°K hot restrike lamp with high colour rendition which brings out the colour of the objects it lights. The unit is based around the rugged and familiar ETC Source 4 PAR and...
5 Available
0 New
5 Used