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by RME Audio in Pro Audio \ Other

Current laptops offer calculation power on par with fast desktop systems. Dual core processors, 2 Gigabyte RAM, big and fast hard drives, dual monitor operation with a quick graphics card - today all this is also available small, lightweight and portable....
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
by Klark Teknik in Pro Audio \ Other

The Klark Teknik DN3601 Programmable Slave Graphic Equalizer is a high quality, digitally controlled, two-channel, third-octave, 30 band device featuring state-of-the-art audio performance in a two rack-space unit. For further flexibility each channel als...
9 Available
0 New
9 Used
by Meyer in Pro Audio \ Other

SIM System II is a powerful, compact instrumentation product line comprising the SIM- 2201 Sound Analyzer, SIM-2403 Interface Network, and a selection of software options, microphones and accessory cables. The instrument is optimized for making audio-freq...
1 Available
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1 Used
by Electrovoice in Pro Audio \ Other

PCL35 Steel subwoofer pole with threaded end for use with Dynacord Cobra, Xa, D-Lite, Madras, VariLine, EV SbA760, QRx118S, QRx218S, Gladiator G118 and Plasma P2, black....
11 Available
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11 Used
by Other in Pro Audio \ Other

The AD-1 Series are professional quality, agile audio/video demodulators. These units provide audio and video output from any channel in the 54 to 88 and 108 to 806 MHz frequency range. The AD-1 Series is ideal for signal monitoring and signal conditionin...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
by GAM in Pro Audio \ Other

The GAMSpin indexable power supply provides power and the control signal for up to 8 GAM Indexable TwinSpin or SX4 Gobo Tray units. Please see separate instructions for their operation. The GAM indexable TwinSpins have 8 modes of operation which are contr...
1 Available
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1 Used
by Miscellaneous in Pro Audio \ Other

Stock Item for linking to for test listings....
24 Available
0 New
24 Used
by AKG in Pro Audio \ Other

AKG PSU01/4000 Power supply for 4 SR4000 receivers or one PS4000....
131 Available
0 New
131 Used
by Soundcraft in Pro Audio \ Other

Soundcraft DPS4 External PSU...
10 Available
0 New
10 Used
by Soundcraft in Pro Audio \ Other

The Soundcraft CPS-2000 Power Supply may optionally replace the CPS-800 power supply included with the MH4 series sound reinforcement consoles. The power supply is designed for use in the U.S. (or compatible territories) and occupies a 19-inch, 4-space ra...
8 Available
0 New
8 Used