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by ETC in Lighting & Effects \ Par Fixtures

ETC's Source Four MultiPAR fixtures revolutionize that old theatrical workhorse: the striplight. MultiPARs are a new breed. Lamped with the HPL and featuring the space-saving advantages of Source Four PAR design, MultiPAR’s patented HPL lamp offers amazin...
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10 Used
by ETC in Lighting & Effects \ Par Fixtures

Power, elegance and efficiency - in a PAR! This is no ordinary par can. Source Four PARs stand out of the luminaire crowd with their rugged die-cast aluminium construction and acclaimed Source Four optical technology. Superior brightness and energy saving...
661 Available
23 New
638 Used
by Miscellaneous in Lighting & Effects \ Par Fixtures

Various makes and models of Par Cans. See individual listings for details....
1026 Available
22 New
1004 Used
by Chromlech in Lighting & Effects \ Par Fixtures

With 1800W power and with a control of 25 independent lamps, JARAG opens a new space of luminous creativity. Fully integrated electronic card inside the device enables instantaneous implemention. No addition dimmer needed only one direct power supply an...
64 Available
0 New
64 Used
by Elation in Lighting & Effects \ Par Fixtures

Features / Specifications:  • RGBW Outdoor IP65 Design Par • 36W x 3Watt RGBW LED’s • IP 65 Rugged Die Cast Aluminum Fixture • ETL Approved • 10° Beam Angle / 22° Field Angle / 15° Lens Kit Standard • Smooth Color Mixing Flicker Free • Built In Color Macr...
75 Available
54 New
21 Used
by White Light in Lighting & Effects \ Par Fixtures

White Light Source Four Daylight Par. See individual listings for more details....
47 Available
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47 Used
by Miscellaneous in Lighting & Effects \ Par Fixtures

Various Par 64 Lighting Fixtures. See individual listings for details....
110 Available
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33 Available
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33 Used
by Altman in Lighting & Effects \ Par Fixtures

Altman PAR 64 - Black Steel - 300-1000 Watts (120VAC)...
332 Available
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332 Used
by Altman in Lighting & Effects \ Par Fixtures

The punch light is a high intensity key or fill light. Both the 6-light and the 9-light units are designed to operate with tungsten halogen sealed beam PAR 36 lamps placed in movable banks for beam width and intensity control. Lamps available provide both...
2 Available
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2 Used