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by Elation in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

The IP65 rated ELAR Q1 PSU™ power supply unit features 24VDC output which can support (15) max linked ELAR Q1™ units each, 8pin power IP cable in/out, RDM (remote device management), 300W max power consumption, and a multi-voltage universal power supply (...
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by Elation in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

Battery Pack for TVL1000-II Specifications: Battery Life: 8 hours (When TVL1000-II is used at Full On) Charge Time: 8 hours (Full charge) The TVL1000BAT disappears completely in the TVL1000-II and is connnected internally. No seperate battery packs or w...
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by Lee Filters in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

We provide high-quality lighting filters in a vast range of colours that are accurately consistent from batch to batch, long-lasting and dependable. Every filter is checked against a scientifically generated set of parameters. See individual listings for...
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by Color Kinetics in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

Philips Xitanium LED Drivers are specialized power supplies designed for solid-state lighting systems. This compact, versatile, and reliable family of LED drivers optimally supports a wide variety of lighting applications. The NEMA 3R enclosure is designe...
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by Rosco in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

Roscolux is comprised of two types of plastic. More than 65% of the line is made from co-extruded polycarbonate plastic. The remainder of the line is deep dyed polyester. Sheets: 20" x 24" Rolls: 24" x 25'...
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by Miscellaneous in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

Find various Gobo Holders here. See individual listings fro details....
391 Available
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by Martin in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

Find various accessories and parts for Martin Mac fixtures here. See individual listings for more details....
313 Available
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by Martin in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

MPU-08 External Power Supplies for Atomic Colors- MPU-08.: Powering up the Atomic Colors, we are pleased to introduce 2 external power supplies, which are easy attached, truss mountable and usage for most voltages world-wide. MPU-08 We suggest 75 Mtr max...
19 Available
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by Coemar in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

Find various Coemar Lighting Parts here. See individual listings for details....
8 Available
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by High End in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

Studio Color Lens Kits by High End Systems....
10 Available
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