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by Martin Audio in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

The Martin Audio W8LC is a compact line array enclosure designed to bring superb next-generation line array performance to concert, theatre and commercial events. It meets the need for a high power, high bass impact system that is versatile and scalable f...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
by Turbosound in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

• A compact trapezoidal bi-amped/tri-amped three-way medium scale line aray module consisting of a 1” HF compression driver on a Dendritic™ horn, a 6.5” high-mid frequency driver on a Polyhorn™ device, and two Turboloaded 10” low-mid frequency drivers, co...
6 Available
0 New
6 Used
by SLS in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

The LS8800 is a full-range bi-amped true line source array module. While compact in size it meets high SPL line array performance requirements for a wide variety of venues. Typical generated listening area SPL can be up to 115dB. The LS8800 high frequency...
4 Available
0 New
4 Used
by Sound Bridge Acoustic Labs in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

The 7208XY is a medium-format line array system designed for a wide variety of permanently-installed and live sound reinforcement applications. Like all XYON™ Series systems, the 7208XY utilizes advanced technology to attain the highest performance levels...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
by Turbosound in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

FLEX ARRAY TFA-600HW Dual 3 Way 10" Line Array Element with Combined Polyhorn and Dendritic Waveguide for Touring Applications. 3 way line array element for touring applications Combined Polyhorn and Dendritic waveguide with 100° H x 16° V dispersio...
1 Available
1 New
0 Used
by JBL in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

The VT4888 is designed to deliver high-quality reinforcement of music and speech in a variety of applications including concert audio and corporate A/V presentations of all types. Features: • Advanced technology components: Differential Drive®, neodymium...
21 Available
0 New
21 Used
by Meyer in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

The MICA compact high-powered curvilinear array loudspeaker is the mid-sized member of the acclaimed MILO family of loudspeakers. MICA brings the very high output and smooth, extended high-frequency response that is the MILO family’s sonic signature to a...
78 Available
0 New
78 Used
by EAW in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

The KF760 features EAW's advanced divergence shading where all loudspeakers are powered at equal level. A full KF760/761 array can provide uniform sound coverage from directly beneath itself out to hundreds of feet without complex signal processing. Verti...
30 Available
0 New
30 Used
by Meyer in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

Sometimes, big things come in small packages. The M’elodie ultracompact high-power curvilinear array loudspeaker is a good example. M’elodie is Meyer Sound’s newest generation of a strong family line: the celebrated M Series. M’elodie brings the sonic sig...
17 Available
0 New
17 Used
by JBL in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

Advanced technology components: Differential Drive®, neodymium magnet, dual voice coil, Direct Cooled™ cone transducers for low weight and high output. Waveguide units couple to create precision HF vertical slot aperture. Radiation Boundary Integrat...
99 Available
0 New
99 Used