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by EAW in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The Avalon Series DCS2 bent horn subwoofer is engineered to provide extremely high output sub bass reinforcement for use in high-energy dance clubs. It loads two 12-inch woofers on an advanced bent bass horn to provide very high levels of sub bass. The ho...
9 Available
0 New
9 Used
by JBL in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The SRX718S subwoofer's compact design is equally at home as a small, high-performance satellite subwoofer system or as a building block for larger subwoofer arrays. Features: 18 in., 2268H Differential Drive® woofer for extended low-frequency outpu...
7 Available
0 New
7 Used
by Nexo in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The CD18 uses an innovative approach to the control of long wavelength low frequency acoustic energy. Sophisticated signal processing algorithms, individually applied to each of the dual-ported 18 inch woofers, produce substantial forward gain and more th...
2 Available
1 New
1 Used
by SLS in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The 218EL is a dual 18” high powered vented loudspeaker, designed for subwoofer applications. It delivers maximized performance and excellent low frequency extension.The 18” drivers for the 218EL use a Neo magnet structure and hightemperature voice coil....
2 Available
0 New
2 Used
by Apogee in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The ACS-Sat3 features a horn-loaded 1" phenolic high frequency driver and a 6" cone driver. Both drivers have exceptional cooling and damping provided by magnetic fluid. The Sat3 has been engineered to perform optimally as a high-power speech re...
17 Available
0 New
17 Used
by Turbosound in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The TSW-721 is a unique subwoofer incorporating Turbosound's patented loading principles, designed for use in applications requiring accurate and powerful reproduction of low frequency energy at very high levels. Its ability to reproduce program material...
36 Available
0 New
36 Used
by Danley Sound Labs in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

Building on the success of the TH-115, the TH-118 gives you the impact of the tapped horn, just lower and louder. Massive punch but light weight and easy portability. Interlocking skids allow the box to be stacked into multiples which produce stunning out...
7 Available
6 New
1 Used
by EAW in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The SB850 high output Stadium Array subwoofer integrates with KF Series Stadium Array systems to form extended range flown arrays. 19-position flytracks and internal counterweights ensure a “dead hang.” Tuned enclosure venting extends LF response and mini...
8 Available
0 New
8 Used
by D&B Audiotechnik in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The B1-SUB is an actively driven subwoofer which uses a pair of 15" LF drivers mounted in a bass-reflex cabinet. The B1-SUB cabinet is constructed from marine plywood and has an impact resistant paint finish. The front of the loudspeaker cabinet is f...
2 Available
0 New
2 Used
by D&B Audiotechnik in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The B2 subwoofer with its high output bandpass horn design and extremely high SPL is ideal for extended bass requirements. It is configurable to be either an infrabass for the C4 system or a high output, alternative subwoofer for the F1222 or C7 systems....
2 Available
0 New
2 Used