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by L'Acoustics in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The L-ACOUSTICS® SB218 is the companion subwoofer for V-DOSC® or ARCS® and features two, front-loaded 18-inch transducers loaded in an optimally-sized and tuned vented enclosure. With power handling capacity of 1100 Wrms (4400 Wpeak) and response to 25 Hz...
3 Available
0 New
3 Used
by Turbosound in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The TSW-124 is a unique low-frequency subwoofer enclosure incorporating Turbosound’s patented loading principles. It is designed for use in primary sound reinforcement applications which demand accurate and powerful reproduction of very low frequency ener...
4 Available
0 New
4 Used
by QSC in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

QSC GP118-sw 18" Subwoofer. Premium-grade, long excursion, high power 18-inch transducer with 4-inch voicecoil, dual layer spider and triple-roll surrounds Interlocking feet and recess features allow for rigid vertical stacking Built-in handles for...
12 Available
12 New
0 Used
by QSC in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

WL118-sw subwoofer Single 18" subwoofer in a bass-reflex enclosure 850 watt continuous power capacity Frequency range down to 29 Hz May be suspended at the top, or behind the WL2082-i array Available in black or white to harmonize with venue décor...
6 Available
6 New
0 Used
by EAW in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The SB products are EAW's premium subwoofers designed for the most demanding professional applications. Abroad range of capabilities and sizes provide the designer with selections that can be specifically matched to their application. Top quality drivers,...
2 Available
0 New
2 Used
by Cerwin Vega in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The TS-42 is the loudest, deepest, and most powerful folded horn ever created by Cerwin-Vega! Its magnificent design and outstanding features makes it ideal for use in the most challenging scenarios where vigorous bass is needed, such as live sound, insta...
6 Available
0 New
6 Used
by Turbosound in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The B-18 is a single 18" bandpass subwoofer enclosure designed to work in conjunction with Turbosound LMS series loudspeaker management systems, providing optimum system performance. NuQ systems can be controlled over a BVNet network using TurboDrive...
12 Available
0 New
12 Used
by L'Acoustics in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The SB28 enclosure is a recommended subwoofer companion for the KUDO®, V-DOSC®, dV-DOSC, and ARCS® systems, lowering the combined system operating range down to 25 Hz. The SB28 contains two 18’’ direct radiating LF transducers integrated into a bass-refle...
22 Available
0 New
22 Used
by Electrovoice in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The Electro-Vice Sb180 is a 600-watt subwoofer loudspeaker system which combines the attributes of both horn-loaded and vented-box designs. It utilizes the unique SubScoop™ cabinet construction with a EVX-180B woofer, as used in the X-Array® concert syste...
1 Available
0 New
1 Used
by D&B Audiotechnik in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The Q-SUB is an actively driven low compression bass-reflex loudspeaker fitted with a high excursion 18" driver. d&b SenseDrive technology is available when powered by the D12 amplifier. The Q-SUB is mechanically compatible with the Q1 and Q7; te...
12 Available
0 New
12 Used