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CREST mixing console HP-EIGHT 32

CREST mixing console HP-EIGHT 32
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CREST mixing console HP-EIGHT 32
CREST mixing console HP-EIGHT 32
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CREST HP-8 32/10 • Flight Cases included • Multicore Splitter included • Slightly used. 

• 32 input channels – 8 analog subgroups – 10 auxes – Left, Right & Mono outputs • 5 Stereo Line Inputs on 60mm faders with 4-band EQ

• 10 independent Aux sends on the mono input channels allows the HP-Eight to be used as a monitor mixer • "Fader flip" function on aux outputs places aux masters on 100mm faders in place of groups & L/R • 100mm high-quality faders on mono inputs, groups and separate left, right, and mono outputs.

• 4-channel scene mute system with master switches and LED indicators

• Full talkback and monitor systems


Bridging the world between high quality audio designs and efficient construction techniques, the Crest Audio HP-Eight enters the market filling the increasing needs of the professional install and portable markets.

The HP-Eight professional mixing console combines Crest's legendary high-quality audio design with modern, efficient construction. The HP-Eight is available in easily portable 24-channel and 32-channel models, as well as installation-size 40, 48 and 56-channel models, making this console ideal for a variety of medium-capacity live performance venues and houses of worship. This quality console also includes 10 aux sends on each mono input channel for use as a monitor mixer, plus five stereo line input channels with EQ, bus assignment and aux sends.

For example, Houses of Worship will find the HP-Eight filled with the functionality and performance that was once only available in much more expensive offerings.

If extreme flexibility as well as exacting audio performance are required, the HP-Eight delivers those attributes and more to the budget-conscious installer and end user.

The HP-Eight follows the tradition of high audio quality and reliability as established by all previous Crest console products.

Design Focus

Designed for music and installation professionals alike, the HP-Eight from Crest packs high-end features and performance into an affordable, Pro 8-bus board.

The internal switching power supply on the HP-Eight is designed to work on worldwide voltages at 50 or 60 Hz, and a DC connector allows attachment of an optional, external backup supply for worry-free, redundant operation.This console is made in the U.S.A. and backed by the same five-year warranty that covers Crest's larger consoles.

This dual-purpose (monitor or FOH) console is available with 24 to 56 mono input channels and five stereo line/effects returns.