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Versalite Staging

Versalite Staging
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Versalite Staging
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Versalite seated risers are the multi-sized decks and legs, that allow you the flexibility to create the seated risers that fit your space and your musicians.

Arrange and rearrange your rehearsal room in a snap with Versalite seated risers. The unique unit-to-unit connectors lock and unlock the riser decks in one easy motion.  When they're locked, they're incredibly stable.  So Versalite seated risers can be expanded, condensed, and shaped to fit any space for any occasion.

Just change and reconfigure the various sized decks and legs.  Versalite seated risers also set up quickly — and safely — with just a small crew and no tools.  And they don't reduce the cubic volume of the space, which enhances acoustic.

Legs available for additional cost (24x1', 24x2', 24x3', 24x4', 24x5', 24x6', 24x7', 24x8').

26 Stabilizers, 16 - 4' railings and 4 - 8' railings also available at additional cost.

Willing to sell as individual items.

1. Size is 4' x 8'
2. The platform perimeter has a 3" aluminum edge which is grooved along the centre.  The groove is the connection region for the connection hardware, the chair stops and the railings.
3. The connections between the platforms vary.  Each platform has four fold down 'Y Hooks' that fold under the two side-by-side platforms and hook onto the adjacent platform's aluminum edge.  The other connection is a device which is inserted into the aluminum edge's groove of one platform, placed around the adjacent platform's leg and then clamped.  I also built a number of connections that were used to better stabilize the higher platforms shown in the pictures.

I have the following legs available (at additional cost).  We chose to have a 12" rise from platform to platform for better sight lines.
- 24 - 12" legs
- 24 - 24" legs
- 24 - 36" legs
- 24 - 48" legs
- 24 - 60" legs
- 24 - 72" legs
- 24 - 84" legs
- 24 - 96" legs

I have the following railings (at additional cost)
- 16 - 48" railings (shown along the edges in the pictures)
- 4 - 96" railings (shown along the back in the pictures)

Stairs (Steps)
1. Quantity - 16
2. The stairs are 8" high x 36" wide x 16" deep
3. The stairs are included at no additional cost.

Storage Carts
I do not have storage carts.  The risers were permanently installed.
The equipment is stored in Red Deer, Alberta.
Additional Equipment
1. 26 - 8' stabilizers (additional cost)
2. 35 - frame to leg locks as described above in Platforms - 3 (additional cost)
3. 28 - 8' chair stops (included)
4. Miscellaneous connections as described above in Platforms - 3 (included)


Tight budgets demand maximum flexibility from products you invest in for your department. Versalite can easily reconfigure into multi-level stages, runways, graduation stages, speaker platforms, and much more. The lightweight aluminum decks and separate, interchangeable legs make it easy to create just about any option you require to meet your changing needs. It's the all-in-one system that doesn't compromise strength, durability, or ease of setup. And the classic styling and clean, simple lines make it appropriate for any venue.