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2408CD Dimmer Pack

2408CD Dimmer Pack
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Levition 2408CD Dimmer Pack, unit is new and will ship with full warranty,

The NSI 2408 is new, but it has two small scratches on the front. Never been used. Commercial grade NSI 2408 boasts 2400 watts per channel on each of 8 channels, and is available in 2 versions.

The 2408CD is a dimmer version for filament-type lighting, the 2408CR is a relay (on-off) configuration that supports fluorescent, HTI, and other gas-type lamps that cannot be dimmed.

Unit connects to any standard NSI stage controller or remote control like the 400CP. Operates on a 120/240 volt line. Handles a 19,200 watt maximum load with protection from 8 fully magnetic 20 amp breakers. Pressure screw terminals for hard wire inputs/outputs.

• 8 Individual Dimmer/Relay Channels
• DMX / Microplex Compatible
• 2,400 Watts per Channel,19,200 Watts Maximum
• Dual SCR Circuit Design
• Toroidal filtering reduces audio interference and extends lamp life
• Microprocessor Controlled
• 8 Fully Magnetic Circuit Breakers
• 120/240 Volt Operation
• 512 Channel Address Capable
• Channel Address Select Switch
• Luma-Net Architectural Control Capable

• 4 or 8 individual dimmer channels
• 2400 watts per channel 19,200 watt maximum (8 dimmer version)
- 19,200 watt maximum (8 dimmer version)
- 9,600 watt maximum (4 dimmer version)
• Microprocessor controlled
• 8 fully magnetic circuit breakers
• 120/240 volt operation
• Dual SCR circuit design
• Toroidal choke filtering for each channel
• 400 micro-second rise time
• 512 channel program capability
• Channel address select switch
• Soft start operating mode reduces thermal shock and buffers inrush current to extend lamp life
• Extruded aluminum passive heat dispersion
• NSI Micro-Plex, DMX512 and 0-10 volt analog inputs
• Luma-Net® architectural control system capable
• Pressure screw terminals for hardwire inputs/outputs
• Test switch for dimmer or load testing
• Remote operation with Luma-Net® control panels
• Individual channels may be converted to non-dim relays
• Steel chassis construction, wall mountable
• Power LED
• Channel status indicator LED
• Signal status LED

Control Input Terminals
• NSI Micro-Plex
• DMX512
• 0-10 volt analog inputs
• Luma-Net

Power Feed
• 80A 120/240 or 120/208Y VAC, 3-wire service plus ground
• #4 AWG THWN or equivalent copper wire rated for at least 75°C

Mounting & Ventilation
• Minimum 36” from top to ceiling
• Minimum 12” from top to other equipment
• Minimum 12” from side to wall
• Minimum 6” from side to other equipment
• If multiple units installed in a small space, ambient air temperature should not exceed 100°F


The 2408 series from Leviton is an 8 channel 2400 watt/channel (19200 watts max) microprocessor controlled commercial dimmer pack.