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MA Ultra Light Console - MA Lighting

MA Ultra Light Console - MA Lighting
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* This equipment is professionally owned and maintained by a large multi-national production company. It is in good condition, tested prior to shipping, and will come professionally boxed. Please allow 3 business days for lead time to check and confirm availability.
MA Ultra Light Console - MA Lighting


The grandMA consoles are the core of the fully integrated MA system. This product family offers six different hardware platforms and provides immediate solutions ready for all kinds of applications – including theatres, musical events, concert touring, television, clubs, amusement parks or cruise ships. The grandMA consoles are able to control – in the most elegant manner – moving lights, conventional lights, and effects, as well as LEDs and video – even when working in real time with maximum channel count. Additionally MA offers powerful tools like the media server grandMA video which bridge the lighting and video worlds. Direct access to media servers from the grandMA console is now as simple as accessing a fixture. The grandMA 3D software is capable of real-time rendering visualization. The reliable and proven operational philosophy allows a direct, flexible and intuitive way of working.

The grandMA ultra-light is a hardware reduced version of the grandMA light console that has all of the software features of the larger consoles. These features include: one color touch screen display, one external display, ten manual faders, 30+20 physical play­back buttons (on 128 pages), 2,048 DMX parameters, free visualization software, support for up to six remotes and all the software features of the larger grandMA and grandMA light consoles including DMX universe expansion with up to 16,384 parameters (32,768 DMX channels or 64 DMX universes) via NSPs.

The grandMA ultra-light brings all the user programmability of a top of the line console to some of the smallest shows. High-end features such as Multi-User programming and backup ability are also included with the grandMA ultra-light, making it the perfect console for professional programmers working on smaller or budget constrained productions or a smaller console as part of a larger system.