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K2 Series Analog Audio Console

K2 Series Analog Audio Console

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by Soundcraft in Pro Audio \ Consoles: Analog
ID: 48633 | Region: US - North Central
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
For sale is a 32 channel Soundcraft K2. This K2 has been in a church for years and is still in good shape. It used to be rolled out from it's storage area into is performance location down the hall. So we had a custom stand made for it.  The stand has two...
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1 Available
K2 Mixing Console
Stock Image
by Soundcraft in Pro Audio \ Consoles: Analog
ID: 60292 | Region: Central America
Condition: Poor | Warranty: 48 Hours
Soundcraft K2 Mixing Console in need of repairs....
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1 Available
by Soundcraft in Pro Audio \ Consoles: Analog
ID: 60642 | Region: US - Southeast
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
Soundcraft K2 console fully tech'ed and ready to go out the door....
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1 Available


Sometimes there’s just no substitute for experience. Live sound puts special demands on both equipment and personnel, because there’s no second take, and because anything less than total reliability can mean disaster. Then there’s the physical punishment of touring, and the need to work in a wide variety of environments.

After more the 25 years of designing and building mixers for professional live sound, Soundcraft has earned a reputation that’s second to none, because we listen to engineers at the cutting edge, and take notice. The k2 is our most cost-effective fully-featured 8-bus live console ever, taking advantage of Soundcraft’s long experience in live sound to deliver, in a straightforward package, all the facilities you need for a first-rate production.

The k2 includes many features that you’d expect only on a much bigger console - like an advanced solo system, true left-centre-right bussing, a built-in matrix, and full 4-band EQ - equipping it for a range of applications from touring with bands to fixed installations in theatres, clubs, or places of worship. The desk is available in three frame sizes from 24 to 48 mono input channels, with an additional eight stereo input channels.

Key Features:
  • Wide-range, low-noise input pre-amp with switchable ‘Range’, as used Vienna II and Europa
  • Sweepable High-pass filter
  • Four-band EQ with two swept mids plus switchable Q
  • 8 Aux sends with external pre/post switching in pairs
  • 8-segment LED input metering on every channel
  • Midi-controlled muting system with 8 mute groups plus MIDI program change
  • 8 mono subgroups
  • Stereo plus mono mix buses
  • 8 stereo returns (four on full length strips)
  • 11x4 Matrix
  • VU output meterbridge fitted as standard
  • Master facilities include oscillator, talkback, monitor outputs and solo control
  • ‘Swap’ mode allows the aux outputs to access the group fader and insert point, or use on foldback mixes
  • The console is available in 24, 32, 40 and 48ch sizes