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We call it GSiQ!

Posted August 1, 2016

WELLINGTON, FL – August 01, 2016 – In light of this rapidly evolving pre-owned gear industry,®has created a new way to quickly determine the value of listings to assist you in pricing your gear to move it at a faster rate. We call it GSiQ! This new module gives users access to our vast database by suggesting the best pricing range, based on the actual historical listing numbers. This enables the seller to deliver more realistic pricing options that provide a less intrusive cost on the end user accessing information on your given inventory.

Click the link below for our educational video for GSiQ.

Feel free to call us directly with any questions at (866) 669-GEAR. We look forward to hearing from you.

GSiQ Video


Let the music keep on keeping on!

Posted September 8, 2015

WELLINGTON, FL – September 08, 2015 – GearSource has served the audio, lighting, staging and video world since 2002 when it was founded by industry vet, Marcel Fairbairn. The company was created on a foundation of proprietary and reliable software that would allow it to expand both geographically and into other market segments. Recently, as a test of its multi-site capabilities, GearSource launched a racing site using the same technology that drives and

Today, the company announced that it will expand its massive database to include musical instruments and amplification, also known in the production world as “Backline”. Because of the many opportunities for crossover buyers and sellers, the company has elected not to re-brand a separate website. Instead, items of all genres will be available bringing more value to all of the site’s users and also more users to the site’s sellers. 

“My roots really come from the music retail world where I learned to sell and to develop my own network of individuals and businesses (bands). Those experiences carried me throughout my career and I have always had live music and musical instruments and amplification in my blood, so I’m excited to expand in this direction,” said Fairbairn.

The division will officially launch Oct 1st, but items have already begun to appear on the site. The GSMI division is being headed by Fairbairn’s longtime associate, Rob Brown. “Robbie is one of the most passionate and talented guitar guys I have ever known. We’re fortunate to have him on-board,” said Fairbairn.  And Brown added, “Marcel and I worked closely in the music business during the ‘80s and we’re really excited to do it again under the GearSource umbrella.”

Marcel Fairbairn polished his chops in the Entertainment Lighting business following a successful earlier career in retail musical instruments. He left high-school to travel with various Western Canadian bands where he took on vocals and bass guitar. At age 20, Marcel realized it wasn’t live performance that he loved, but the instruments and gear itself. He started working with a Calgary based retailer and made his way up to partner within a short time. Eventually, Marcel expanded his interests to Audio and Lighting systems which took him through the next stages of his career and ultimately, to the founding of GearSource and other similar businesses.

It’s free to list products for sale and the company’s tools include a listings app, bulk uploading functions and an API to tie into larger inventories.

For more information on the company, contact or call (866)669-GEAR.


June 2014

Used Gear Financing Now Available

During the Month of July, Gear-Source will be teaming up with specific lenders who specialize in gear financing.  

Some of the equipment requirements are as follows:

  1. Used equipment cannot be older that 4-5 years from date of manufacture
  2. Equipment must be in fully functional. We can only sell gear in Good or Very Good condition
  3. Cosmetically the equipment must be acceptable
  4. Equipment must me at market price.

Find out more here...


Feb 17th, 2014

GearSource Mexico Announced

GearSource is pleased to announce a new venture for the purpose of growing its Mexican business. In cooperation with newly signed GearSource Licensee, SHOWCO SA, the company will launch a new website targeting a growing Mexican clientele. The site is expected to go “live” on April 1st of this year and will include all of the company’s latest tools plus a few new surprises. When it goes live, (also and will be offered in the Spanish language and will target individuals who are looking to buy and / or sell gear in Mexico.

GearSource founder, Marcel Fairbairn; “we have spent years working to grow our Mexican business, but without the right partner in place, we never really found a solid foundation. With Showco, we not only have the right partner, but an industry leader who already owns a large share of the market and has excellent sales, support and management structure in place”.

GearSource Mexico will be based from Showco’s Mexico City headquarters and will employ a number of Account Executives who will work to gather listings and to sell product as well. “Our system was developed over 12 years now, to be not only the best marketplace for professional gear, but as a business that could operate from anywhere, and grow into additional markets within and outside the USA” says Marcel.

The goal for GearSource Mexico is to quickly become the market leader in used gear following the company’s success in it’s other core markets. Enrique Lask, Director of Showco says;  “We are very excited to consolidate our used equipment market with GearSource, a professional company who brings innovative ideas, cutting edge technology, more than a decade of experience and worldwide access.”

Showco was founded in 2004 and is now a leader in the supply of audio, lighting and LED screens in the MI and professional entertainment markets with a network of more than 100 dealers throughout Mexico.

GearSource® was founded in 2002 by entrepreneur, Marcel Fairbairn, and has grown to become the leading marketplace globally for used gear. The company has it’s headquarters in the USA with offices also in Europe and, now, Mexico.



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September 25th, 2013 - Latest upgrade to® e-commerce platform will positively affect the way you sell gear in the future® is proud to introduce our Automated Inventory Disposal (A.I.D.) module. A.I.D. is an offer generator that incorporates an automated activation feature, as well as a manual option.  

We noticed that many vendors were struggling to apply "real world" values to some of their production gear, not taking into account the rapidly-changing technology in our industry. It is for this reason that GearSource A.I.D. was added to our e-commerce platform.  

You might be familiar with the make offer concepts on other websites... because we are committed to maintaining the highest quality of customer and vendor relationships, we’re doing it differently. Here’s how it works… when listings meet the A.I.D. criteria, a Make an Offer button will appear on the listings. To submit an offer, a user simply clicks the "Make an offer" button and completes the required information. The vendor has the option to Accept, Reject, Counter-offer or select Not Available. There are only 2 requirements for submitting offers: 1) you must be a registered user of; and, 2) you must provide a valid credit card.

The ultimate goal of this new feature is to generate more interest in listings and improve the marketability of all gear listed on®. The A.I.D. System is a very positive approach to attracting attention to listings that may have, otherwise, gone unnoticed.

The first batch of A.I.D. listings were activated at 6 AM EDT Thursday, September 12 and the response from both vendors and customers was extremely positive.® has been providing a platform for used gear since 2002 and continues to be the best place to buy and sell used gear. Along with the new Automated Inventory Disposal system, GearSource provides the GS Listing App, the Automated Inventory Management system and number of other tools for managing and/or liquidating larger inventories. For more information on these options, contact us at or call +1-866-669-4327.

GearSource currently has locations in the US and Europe. Contact sales at (866-669-4327) for more information on listing and buying on®.

For more information on the GearSource Automated Inventory Disposal system or this Press Release, please contact Claudette Cyr – 561-578-4402 | e-mail:


June 5th, 2013 - Gear-Source launches powerful Mobile Listing App for iOS & Android devices® has spent months duplicating their listing process from a desktop based application to a Mobile App using either iOS or Android based devices. At the same time, the company simplified the overall listing process and made it easier for both their first time sellers and power-users alike to list products quickly and without the wires.® founder, Marcel Fairbairn shares, “This Listing App is another great listing tool available FREE to our users, who will now be able to load and manage their listings on® from their mobile devices. This isn’t just another shopping app - this is a faster & easier tool for our users to employ to manage their gear inventories on our site. The complexities of our site structure and the internal automation, made this app a huge undertaking but we were committed to serving our users another big win... and our team did exactly that!”

You no longer have to wait until you get back to the office to list gear, and instead, can list right on location as soon as a show or event is finished. In fact, the GS Listing App doesn’t require a WiFi connection to create listings. Offline listings will be retained in the device cache and will automatically sync to® when the device detects a wireless connection.

Speaking of Sync, whether you choose to work on a desktop or your mobile device, all information is secure and completely in sync.

A few highlights of the GS Listing App include:

• secure access sharing your existing® log-in & password
• easy-to-use form for adding new listings to®
• add pictures of your items using your smartphone camera or photo gallery, as you enter listings
• manage existing listings from your mobile device or desktop and everything stays in sync
• available now on iTunes and Google Play® has been providing a platform for used gear since 2002 and continues to be the best place to buy and sell used gear. Along with the GS Listing App, GearSource offers other tools for managing and/or liquidating larger inventories through®. For more information on these options, contact the company at or call +1-866-669-4327.

GearSource currently has locations in the US and Europe. Contact sales at (866-669-4327) for more information on listing and buying on®.

For more information on the GS Listing App or this Press Release, please contact Claudette Cyr – 561-578-4402 | e-mail:


October 2012 – New vs Old gear

Written by Nook Schoenfeld

PLSN - Tuesday, 16 October 2012




..... If I was a vendor and had to make a decision, the first person I think I’d call is Marcel Fairbairn. Marcel has been hawking gear for 20 years. He’s worked every deal possible and is a stand-up guy in my book. Twelve years ago, he ventured into a new business. His company (GearSource, out of Florida) specializes in selling quality used gear. So, of course, he is a valuable commodity in the vendor world, for two reasons. He can tell you what price to expect for used gear you want to unload, AND he just might be your best bet at unloading it. On the flip side, if you need anything related to the lighting biz, he will find you a price where you can buy it.  The guy should just set up a shop at the exit door at LDI.

When lighting manufacturer Martin released the MAC Aura last year, everyone realized this was the next wave of updated LED product.  But to buy these, they probably wanted to replace their entire inventory of MAC 301s. But here lies the problem. All major lighting vendors have websites. And they have a section devoted to used gear, with their own pricing, to kick off the haggling process.  I wonder if anybody ever visits that particular page unless they are directed from a salesman from that company. If that’s the case, the manufacturer is going to need a guy to peddle that gear.  Millions of bucks worth. And you have to pay that salesman for his time. I wonder if all these companies just call Marcel in the end.

Really, what do you do with 20-year-old fixtures now? Can you even get 10 cents on the dollar, or should you just throw them in a dumpster? Personally, I wish all the gear that’s been paid off three times over went in that bin, because I don’t ever want to see them again. There are certain companies that I despise, because I may play a state fair, and I know they are gonna be squeezing that last dollar out of a piece of gear that was cool in 1997.  And I’m sorry if I insult you, but your crap doesn’t work, even if you swear it does.

Value Pricing

Then there’s the other side of the coin. Marcel can be a godsend to the companies who have limited budgets. He checks out the gear before it’s on his website. He may even guarantee it, I don’t know. If you need those three-year-old LED fixtures that you know will still get you a lot of miles, you love this time of year. You can make an offer. The MAC 301s are still great fixtures, and the corporate world can use as many of these as possible. To find them, you can view everyone’s websites all day long. Or you can pick up the phone and call Marcel. Kind of like Travelocity. You can go to five sites to save 15 bucks on a plane ticket, or you can just go with the first price they give you and stop wasting your time. That’s how I roll.

I feel the same about some old gear that is still reliable. The Vari*Lite 3K is probably the most popular hard-edged light on the market. I adore them. On tours, they rent for about 250 clams a week. Have been for years. But now I think I want me some of them new MAC Vipers. And the more I think about it, I think I should only pay 200 bucks for a VL3K if you want me to use them now. I don’t know if you bought them six years ago or last week. Will they break, or will they be pristine? Crapshoot. I know the Vipers are new, I just saw them revealed at LDI. Makes me want to see what Marcel’s price is, versus the list price. Oh wait; VL has a new bunch of fixtures. Better check out their booth first before I make any decisions.

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