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by Aphex in Pro Audio \ Compressors & Gates

The 651 combines a state of the art compression circuit with a high frequency expansion circuit to maintain sparkling harmonics in your signal, even when applying heavy compression. Included is an exclusive SPR circuit to restore bass clarity and definiti...
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by Aphex in Pro Audio \ Solutions & Feedback Control

The Model 120 is a high performance audio distribution amplifier with a single high impedance input and four low impedance outputs, all electronically servo-balanced. The 120's transformerless circuits are designed for wide, flat frequency response free f...
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by Aphex in Pro Audio \ Compressors & Gates

The Aphex Model 622 is a dual channel dynamics processor, incorporating new, proprietary detection circuitry that provides the most reliable, accurate, and stable operation of any gate. The model 622 also offers the highest quality audio path, flexible hi...
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by Aphex in Pro Audio \ Compressors & Gates

The Aphex Model 661 is a totally new type of compressor incorporating vacuum tube technology with the latest innovations in audio compression. This single-channel compressor/limiter is loaded with features, consolidating for the first time in one rack spa...
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by Aphex in Pro Audio \ Mic Preamps & D.I.'s

The Aphex 107 has it all. Two discrete preamps, each with individual controls, switchable 48 V phantom power, and front panel XLR jacks! Not only do you get an easy to use, single rack space preamp, but you also get clean, outstanding sonic power and clea...
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by Aphex in Pro Audio \ Compressors & Gates

The Model 612 Expander/Noise Gate is a true dual channel expander using downward expansion with a variable ratio (1.2:1 to 30:1), thus allowing an infinite variety of dynamics control which are impossible with a gate. High and Low pass filters on the KEY...
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by Aphex in Pro Audio \ System Processors

Aphex II Broadcast Aural Exciter/Limiter, VRack Stereo (2 Channel). Controls: Drive, Filter Tuning, Damping, Timbre, Limiter Threshold & Release, Output Mix & Level. Balanced Barrier Strip....
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by Aphex in Pro Audio \ Compressors & Gates

The 1404 gives clean, transparent compression for all instruments, from subtle to extreme amounts of compression without altering your tone or breaking up. Punch through the mix, live or studio, with enhanced tone and total dynamic control....
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by Aphex in Pro Audio \ Compressors & Gates

The Model 240 combines technologies of our Logic-Assisted gate and Easyrider® automatic compressor. The Logic-Assisted Gate provides reliable, accurate, and stable gate operation. The patented design is designed to never false trigger, click or chatter. O...
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by Aphex in Pro Audio \ Compressors & Gates

Aphex Systems, Ltd. is the leader for innovative dynamics processing. The Compellor, Dominator and Expressor are world standards for production, mastering, P.A., and broadcasting. Recognizing that some users may not be able afford those units, Aphex devel...
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