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by BOSS in Pro Audio \ Recording Devices

From guitar pick to compact disc, the BR-1200CD can turn your ideas into radio-quality songs with power and ease. Packed with great COSM® effects and amp models derived from BOSS's GT-6/6B multi-effects processors, plus a great-sounding bass and drum rhyt...
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by BOSS in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The VT-1 is a unique device designed for altering and effecting the human voice. It provides everything from voice "thickening" to a full +/-1 octave pitch shift, allowing users to convincingly change their vocal gender. Unlike conventional pitc...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by BOSS in Pro Audio \ Delays

The BOSS DD-20 Giga Delay offers more User memory and the longest delay of any effect pedal—up to 23 seconds! Delay time can be quickly set using the push-button knob or via tap tempo. And with a choice of 11 modes—including new “Smooth” and “Twist” delay...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by BOSS in Pro Audio \ Recording Devices

The BR-1180 Digital Recording Studio takes BOSS' "manual shmanual" concept to the next level. This powerful digital studio gives you ten playback tracks including a stereo Master Track and 80 Virtual Tracks for recording. There's also a 20GB har...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by BOSS in Pro Audio \ Compressors & Gates

CL50 Compressor Limiter Features: - The unit is a high-performance dynamic processor, which in addition to its compressor/limiter functions, also provides a gate function.- A very favorable SN ratio and low distortion are assured thanks to the superior p...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by BOSS in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

The GE-131 is a 31-band graphic equalizer which features profes­sional-level sound quality and versatile functions. Minute sound control over a full one-third octave range from 20Hz to 20kHz Is provided, giving you the kind of control that Is demanded by...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by BOSS in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

The GE-231 is the stereo version of the GE-131. It was released 1990 and featured 31 bands per channel covering 20Hz to 20kHz. Each band can be adjusted as much as +/-15dB. The GE-231 has a high pass filter that can cut frequencies below 40Hz with -18dB/O...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by BOSS in Pro Audio \ Recording Devices

THE WORLD'S SMALLEST PRO STUDIO Meet the ultimate palmtop guitar companion and recording studio. Only slightly larger than an iPod, the tiny-yet-powerful MICRO BR is a dream for musicians on the go. The MICRO BR offers four simultaneous playback tracks (p...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by BOSS in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The whole alloy aluminum plate CNC precision carving process + high precision laser sheet metal cutting technology Anodized fine surface treatment + drawing process German imported professional mechanical keys Custom style button cap, multi-layer compound...
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