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by BSS in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

The FCS-926 combines a digital-controlled analogue parametric filter set with intuitive assignable controls, fully interactive graphic display and intelligent spectrum analyzer, plus MIDI control. VARICURVE's multiband parametric equalization creates a mo...
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by BSS in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

The FCS-960 is a 30-band graphic equalizer featuring Dual Mode switching between Normal and Fine filter width settings on each channel. The FCS-960 provides two channels in 3U of rack space. Constant Q-filters with filter-bypass centre taps are controlled...
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by BSS in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

Graphic equalisers are found in just about every sound application, from room contouring to feedback control and general audio sweetening. Traditionally, much general eq'ing takes place on the faders alone, but this restricts the use of the faders at eac...
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by BSS in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

The FCS-920 is a 1U slave module with the same EQ processing facilities as the FCS-926 but with no front panel controls. VARICURVE's multiband parametric equalization creates a more accurate and sonically superior EQ contour than conventional manual or p...
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by BSS in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

The FPC-900 is a portable, wireless remote controller for the FCS-926 and FCS 920 Varicurve Equaliser units and the FDS-388 Omnidrive PA controller. It offers sound engineers and contractors unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in the calibration and c...
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by BSS in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

BSS Outboard Bundle Package. See individual listing for details/...
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by BSS in Pro Audio \ Equalizers

The DPR-901 II is a four-band parametric Dynamic Equalizer which allows frequency-selective compression (-3OdB) and expansion (+16dB). It has a filter switch on bands 1&4 which changes bell filter response to a shelving response and on bands 2 & 3...
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