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by CITC FX in Lighting & Effects \ Snow/Foam Machines

The Little Blizzard® SP/DMX is whisper quiet and is a high quality, industry standard - can run continuously without overheating. It has a flake size adjustment paddle, two-speed motor, remote control and DMX on-board. Full digital volume control adds pre...
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by CITC FX in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

Need your equipment to be DMX on/off controlled? The Universal DMX relay is compatible with many products on the market, including the following: the CFS-2000, the Jungle-Mist System, the DF-50, the Director™ Fan, the Hurricane™ fans, the ShotMax™, the Bu...
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by CITC FX in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

Turn it on and take a nap. The Polar Controller eliminates the need for CO2, dry ice, or separate fog machines. This refrigerated system can create an incredible 7000 cfm (198 cu.m per minute) of thick, white, dry, low-ground fog after a short 11 minute w...
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by CITC FX in Lighting & Effects \ Snow/Foam Machines

CITC SnowMax Snow/Foam Machine....
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by CITC FX in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers & Hazers

Top of the line! The included 5 gallon air tank must be filled from an compressor. Economical and used widely in theme parks, special events and circuses. Features a built-in safety release, two types of filling valves, a pressure gauag and an electric re...
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by CITC FX in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

Even with DMX, the Maniac II, built as a stand-alone unit (meaning it does not need to be connected to DMX), needs the Maniac Multi-Function Controller to be able to produce the actions listed.  Without the controller, the only difference between the orig...
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by CITC FX in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

Blow fog, haze, snow, wind to 150 feet (46 m)! Tilt 300 degrees, swivel 360 degrees. Three speeds; three seconds to top speed. Blow massive volumes of air without motor hum, the fan blade is 19.0 inches. Continuous output without overheating. Lightweight,...
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by CITC FX in Lighting & Effects \ Hazers

CITC's popular StarHazer now offers 100% of the output of standard hazers at 1/2 the cost! The improved StarHazer has a larger output, dryer haze, improved filter system, lower maintenance, and quieter action. At 28 psi and a higher CFM, this machine has...
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