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by City Theatrical in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Lasers & Effects

The EFX Plus² is a major concept in moving effects projectors. Using the output of an ETC Source Four™ ellipsoidal, the EFX Plus² produces effects required for today's demanding special effects needs. The EFX Plus² brings linear effect projection into the...
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by City Theatrical in Pro Audio \ Wireless

City Theatricals WDS Transmitter receives standard DMX 512 via its DMX INPUT connector, and broadcasts that DMX data as a radio signal Transmitter: • Power: 12V AC or DC, 500mA • Transmission capability: 512 channels of DMX 512 data. • Broadcast channels:...
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by City Theatrical in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The First Automated Lighting Solution Designed for Theatrical Use The AutoYoke is the first affordable solution for converting theatrical lighting fixtures into full-featured moving lights. Smooth, accurate and quiet, the AutoYoke's DMX control allows you...
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by City Theatrical in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

PDS-750 TR touring power/data supply provides power and DMX data control to a variety of Color Kinetics lights. • Includes seven types of user-configurable fade and chase effects for stand-alone operation • Onboard addressing capabilities eliminate the ne...
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by City Theatrical in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

• For use with Source Four PAR fixtures • Extra large aluminum leaves for controlling light spill • Full 6 3/4” center hole • Built in 2” color extender • Round rear frame for easy rotation...
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by City Theatrical in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

• Offers precise, smooth control of beam size• Specially made leaves are tempered and heat resistant to over 1000°F• Fits easily into most standard theatrical ellipsoidals.  ...
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by City Theatrical in Lighting & Effects \ Snow/Foam Machines

The City Theatrical # 1600 DMX Snow Machine, developed in cooperation with White Light Ltd, combines DMX512 control with advanced motor control technology to provide a quiet and precise Snow Effect unit. The DMX Snow Machine offers a wide range of snow di...
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by City Theatrical in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

The PDS-750 TRX™ is the most advanced, most powerful and most flexible power/data supply for Philips Color Kinetics LED fixtures ever created. The unit can be controlled with all popular Ethernet protocols including Streaming ACN, Art-Net, or KiNET, as we...
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by City Theatrical in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Lasers & Effects

• Large format 14"(35.56 cm) Effect Disks• May be used in varied combinations for striking effects• 18 stock stainless steel patterns• Custom patterns available...
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