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by EAW in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

DESCRIPTIONA 3-way full range system in a vented trapezoidal enclosure. Includes a 12-in woofer, a horn-loaded 7-in midrange cone and a 1-in exit compression driver on a 90 x 45 constant directivity horn. Powering mode is switchable: passive (3- way cross...
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by EAW in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

The UB22z is engineered for extra-wide-angled coverage (horizontal) from a wall mounted position. This ultra-compact loudspeaker provides surprisingly high output and exceptional fidelity for near field applications. It is highly effective as a fill/delay...
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by EAW in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

EAW offers a wide range of stage monitor loudspeakers systems, letting professional musicians and the audio professionals who support them the ability to customize on-stage monitor systems to the needs of the performing ensemble and venue. Some systems of...
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by EAW in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

The SM12 (single 12-inch LF) is a high-output stage monitor in an attractive low-profile enclosure that offers variable positioning for choice of a 37-degree or 53-degree baffle angle. Left and right versions are available....
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by EAW in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

The NTL720 is a very compact, self-powered, 3-way line array loudspeaker module. Designed for the demands of professional use, it is ideal for main PA in both portable and installed applications, including theatres/auditoriums, corporate AV, houses of wor...
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by EAW in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

The MK2394, offering 90-degree by 45-degree dispersion and 12-inch woofer, is a 2-way trapezoidal loudspeaker designed as nearfield PA. Single-amp and bi-amp operating modes are user-selectable. All MK2300 models are carefully voiced to sound similar, per...
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by EAW in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

A 2-way full range system (passive LF/HF crossover) in a compact vented trapezoidal enclosure. Includes 2x 6.5-in woofers and a 1-in exit compression driver on a Wave Guide Plate. FEATURES • Ultra-compact passive two-way system • 2x 6.5-in LF/1-in exit HF...
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by EAW in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

The MicroWedge MW12 is collaboration between original MicroWedge Series inventor Dave “Rat” Levine (owner of Rat Sound Systems, Inc.) and the EAW Engineering Department, resulting in dramatically upgraded performance and ergonomics. The coaxial design pai...
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by EAW in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

The KF850 Series has been the touring system standard for well over ten years, being acceptable in more technical riders than any other loudspeaker. Its longevity is attested to by the fact that with over 10,000 units already out in the field, several hun...
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by EAW in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The high output yet incredibly compact SB2001 dual 21-inch cone driver subwoofer is a recommended companion for all larger format EAW KF Series systems and will likely find a home in many club environments. The SB2001 represents a very noteworthy upgrade ...
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