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by Folsom in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - HD

Utilizing Folsom's Athena proprietary high performance image processing technology, the ImagePRO is a high performance video scaler, scan converter, switcher and transcoder all rolled into one. ImagePRO is the ideal solution for converting RGB, HDTV, comp...
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by Folsom in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - HD

ScreenPRO is ideal for use whenever multiple video sources must be seamlessly switched to provide a professional quality presentation. ScreenPRO is designed for live staging events, auditoriums, multimedia presentations, educational and training events. ...
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by Folsom in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - HD

PresentationPRO-II is a compact, reliable system that simplifies the task of supporting professional quality visual presentations, live events, corporate boardrooms, and church services. PresentationPRO-II is offered in two configurations: The Presentatio...
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by Folsom in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - HD

PresentationMaster is an Audio/Video Seamless Switcher designed specifically for Systems Integrators. The unit provides truly seamless transitions to support professional quality audiovisual presentations. PresentationMaster is designed for applications t...
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by Folsom in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - HD

BlendPRO accepts RGB video from up to 4 high-resolution video sources and processes the video for display in multi-projector widescreen format. Processing includes data doubling to generate overlapped projected regions as well as edge-feathering of the ov...
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