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by GAM in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

• Automatic switching between the GAM COMMAND and light control console, or any two consoles.     • Eliminates plugging and unplugging control cables. Battery operated, AC adapter available.     • Transfers controls between two light boards automatically...
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by GAM in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Lasers & Effects

The GAM TwinSpin features ultra quiet operation. It is designed to rotate two patterns in opposite directions in the gate of an ellipsoidal spotlight, creating fantastic kinetic images. The variable speed motor drive can be controlled by almost any dimmer...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by GAM in Pro Audio \ Mic Preamps & D.I.'s

The new 2.5 K Scene Machine is so efficient that it outperforms existing 4000W HMI projectors. It is incredibly compact and easy to handle. Engineered to be brighter, lighter, compact and affordable, the projector head weighs only 42 lbs. (19.3 kilos). It...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by GAM in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

• Checks presence of DMX signal from any control console. Tests cable for continuity and for shorts. • Battery operated, the easy-to-read LED display helps spot problems quickly. • Size: 3-1/8 x 5-1/2 x 1-1/4", Weight: 12 oz....
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by GAM in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Lasers & Effects

SoloSpin, a great choice when you only need to rotate one glass or steel gobo in your ellipsoidal spotlight! The GAM SoloSpin is designed to rotate one glass or metal gobo pattern at a time. Made for use in the ETC Source IV, Altman Shakespeare and the St...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by GAM in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Lasers & Effects

SPECIAL EFFECTS SUCH AS CLOUDS RAIN, SNOW, FIRE, WATER RIPPLES AND OTHER SCENIC ELEMENTS MADE EASY. Designed to be a companion to GAM's original TwinSpin, GAM Film/FX adds a continuous loop motion as opposed to the double rotation of the TwinSpin.GAM Film...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by GAM in Lighting & Effects \ Scenic/Projections Effects

The GAM SX4® system offers a choice of four Trays that snap into an ETC Source Four. The Loop Tray allows the use of over 30 GAM pattern loops for scenic projection. The Six-Gobo Tray uses any "M" size gobo from the more than 800 patterns availa...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by GAM in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Continuous moving effects (FX/Loop) projecting clouds, rain, snow, fire, water ripples, waterfalls; more than 35 off-the-shelf designs. Each FX/Loop can easily be mounted in the Loop Tray, offering many choices and much flexibility. Speed and direction ca...
Temporarily Out Of Stock