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by Gemini in Pro Audio \ Playback Devices

Features such as instant start and cue with preview, pitch bend via jog wheel or buttons, seamless loop per side with reloop, and +10 track button for quick navigation make this CD player perfect for DJs everywhere. 2-unit player with main and remote unit...
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by Gemini in Pro Audio \ Mixers: 16 Channels & Smaller

Gemini PMX-01 6.5" 2 Stereo Channel Mixer. Features:  6.5" 2 Stereo Channel Mixer  2 Convertible Phono/Line RCA Inputs  2 Band Rotary Line EQ Control with +/-12 dB Cut Feature  Easy Removable Face Plate for User Replaceable Cross Fader  Rotary...
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by Gemini in Pro Audio \ Microphones: Dynamic

The Gemini XM-16 uni directional dynamic handheld microphone with rechargeable battery input is for use with the Gemini UX Series receivers. The XM-16 requires the Gemini UX series receiver to function....
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by Gemini in Pro Audio \ Wireless Communication Systems

This easy to use wireless package comes complete with UF-receiver, 64 band UHF synthesizer with super high sensitivity with extremely low noise transmission & reception. Gemini Sound Products is proud to present the newest line of the UF series, profe...
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by Gemini in Pro Audio \ Playback Devices

The Gemini CDJ-600 is a professional tabletop CD player that combines essential DJ tools plus a host of innovative features. Now you can play MP3 files from any USB storage device. With the Gemini CDJ-600 CD player you get a multifunction scroll knob for...
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by Gemini in Pro Audio \ Crossovers

Gemini's CX-1000 is a 3-way crossover, allowing DJs and clubs to split their signal into three separate signals, each with their own frequency range. This allows users to get the most out of their subwoofers, drivers, and horns by optimizing the audio sig...
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by Gemini in Pro Audio \ Playback Devices

Gemini CDX-601 CD player, pitch / jog wheel for both setting cue points and adjusting pitch, instant-start & cue with preview, 3 search speeds, +- 16% pitch adjustment...
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by Gemini in Pro Audio \ Communication Components

The Gemini UF series Wireless System are fully switchable UHF receivers with 64 bands of UHF signals with separate transmitter varieties. Made with advanced technology & a variety of easy to use features, they are suitable for a wide range of uses – p...
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by Gemini in Pro Audio \ Playback Devices

The Gemini CDMP-1500 brings together robust design, powerful functionalities, and flexible networking capabilities for demanding installations. It is a versatile CD/USB media player complimented with a convenient remote control for music playback. With an...
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by Gemini in Pro Audio \ Communication Components

The Gemini XB-16 Belt Pack transmitter has a mic/line input switch and a 1/8" mini jack input plug. The Gemini HSM-2 Headset microphone or the LAV-1 lapel microphone may be used with the XB-16 belt pack....
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