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by GLP in Lighting & Effects \ Automated - LED

The GLP Impression X4 brings power, flexibility and practicality in a new breakthrough design. Behind the unique looking front lens, the X4 offers 19 RGBW LED’s, each rated at 15W providing a homogenized beam with high output that can cut through cleanly...
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by GLP in Lighting & Effects \ Automated - LED

The impression X4S features 7 RGBW high power LEDs (each 15 watts) and a 7 ° - 50 ° zoom optic. The optics, originally from the impression X4 has the same characteristics as a well-defined hard beam in the lower zoom range and in the middle and upper rang...
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by GLP in Lighting & Effects \ Automated - LED

The new impression E350 is the brother of the impression S350 LED Moving Head. With its 30% brighter LED engine and very narrow iris, the fixture fits for a variety of applications. With a color temperature of 7.500K, it is able to create sharp midair eff...
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by GLP in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

The impression X4 Bar 10 is a high performance batten that incorporate 15 Watt RGBW LEDs packed tightly to give a full line of light. The X4 Bar 10 uses 10 LEDs. High quality optics ensure a smooth, homogenized output across the batten through a broad pal...
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by GLP in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Key Benefits for lighting Designers Bright RGB LED Output ? Even light distribution ? Full, crisp color palette ? Clean white range of 3000K-8000K with high CRI ? Instant color bumps ? Sharp image projections ? 9° to 32° zoom ? 2 rotating gobo wheels Gobo...
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by GLP in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

The Volkslicht Spot features near silent operation and is designed for venues and events keen to embrace the low maintenance and easy operational aspects of leading edge LED technology. The feature set of the GLP VolksLicht includes a motorized iris, rota...
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by GLP in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The GT-1 from GLP is a true hybrid fixture, working as both a Spot and a Beam fixture with highest levels of performance. Using a high powered 470 Watt discharge lamp, its high quality optical system produces a light beam that features an enormous 22:1 ra...
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by GLP in Lighting & Effects \ Automated - LED

Building on the market success of the original Impression fixture, and a request for ‘more, more, more’, GLP have developed the impression XL. The impression XL uses almost three times as many K2 LED’s as the original, with 240 in total, for unprecedente...
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by GLP in Lighting & Effects \ Fans/Wind Machines

Practical and useable in many applications, the Force 120 features is a high speed, variable direction fan unit with internal RGB LED lighting. It incorporates high torque motor technology for fast movement and quick speed changes. Coupled with internal l...
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by GLP in Lighting & Effects \ Automated - LED

smaller, lighter, faster, brighter Since its introduction, the impression has taken the world by storm and set a standard for LED wash lighting. Innovation rules in this fixture: Smaller - with no base unit and able to be placed anywhere without being ob...
83 Available
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