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by JBL in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

JBL VTX V25-II Full Size 3-Way High-Directivity Line Array With Fixed Angle ASM Suspension. The VTX V25-II is a full size 3-way high-directivity line array element that includes a new 4th generation waveguide which improves long throw performance, wavefro...
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by JBL in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

Find Vertec Array Frames here. See individual listings for more details....
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by JBL in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

Only 3-way system in the subcompact category Highest component density in its class, highest SPL output Variable curvature vertical (0-15 degrees) or modular, constant curvature horizontal line array Integrated Mid/High waveguide provides precis...
47 Available
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by JBL in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

Vertec Line Array Loudspeaker System by JBL. JBL's latest generation of high-powered, lightweight Differential Drive transducers, coupled to our proven line array technology, is at the core of VERTEC systems and is a direct response to the rental sound in...
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by JBL in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

JBL low frequency enclosures are designed for sound reproduction or reinforcement in theatres, arenas, discotheques or other similar applications where high sound power output and smooth low frequency response are required. All are ruggedly constructed of...
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by JBL in Staging, Trussing & Rigging \ Rigging Hardware

Array Frame used for suspending or ground stacking VTX V25 series enclosures. The VTX-V25-AF is also compatible with the VTX S28 dual 18” subwoofer enclosures. Includes height-adjustable leveling feet for ground stack applications. Features: Compatible w...
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by JBL in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

SR4719 Dual 18" subwoofer/bass system. For serious sound reinforcement applications, the SR4719 selivers solid bass aoutput to 25hz. When oriented horizontally, two full-range SRII speakers can be splayed on top....
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by JBL in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

The VRX932LAP is a powered, lightweight, compact 12" two-way line-array speaker system designed for use in arrays of up to five units. VRX932LAP is the ideal choice when line-array performance is needed but the venue size doesn't call for the very lo...
41 Available
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by JBL in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Powered

The VRX918SP is a powered, suspendable subwoofer system containing a 2268FF neodymium magnet, patented Differential Drive®, 18" woofer in a front-loaded, vented enclosure. The VRX918SP was designed specifically for use in arrays with the VRX932LAP Li...
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by JBL in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

Perfect Sound For Every Scene As captivating as a movie’s visuals may be, it’s the sound that pins audiences to their seats. Stirring, morable theme music. Spaceships zooming through the universe with lasers blasting. The roaring engines and squealing tir...
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