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by Leprecon in Lighting & Effects \ Dimming

VX racks provide ease of use and service that you demand in a touring rack. Quiet operation makes them ideally suited for corporate, theater and ballroom events....
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by Leprecon in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

AC 612 is a wallmount architectural mini DMX Controller for control of 6 or 12 DMX channels. Features inlcude: • 6 or 12 channels DMX controller • Wallmount,Deskmount or Palmtop • 12 Programmable Scenes with Direct Recall • Daisy Chain Wiring Links LTP...
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by Leprecon in Lighting & Effects \ Dimming

When it comes to a dimmer pack you can trust, the ULD ranks as the industry leader in small portable treemount dimmer packs. Production and rental companies alike have come to rely on the ULD dimmers for a wide variety of uses. The solid design and constr...
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by Leprecon in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The console is microprocessor-based, and can be thought of essentially as a computer (actually several computers) with some faders and extra hardware attached to it. Like all computers, it has a display screen to give the operator information about what i...
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by Leprecon in More \ Distros & Racks

Leprecon's answer to compact and affordable power distribution racks. Using modular construction techniques we can create a system to meet your exacting standards. Outline your distribution needs and we will take care of the rest. We will build a custom...
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by Leprecon in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The LWS wireless DMX-512 stand-alone transmitters from Leprecon are designed for DMX-512 distribution and is a perfect solution for DMX controlled systems where you need quick and easy set-up, cable-free system, or back-up for cabled systems. All LWS tran...
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by Leprecon in More \ Power Conditioners

The increasing use of LED based fixtures for theatrical and entertainment lighting requires new techniques for delivering data and power to the fixtures. Leprecon 'Watson' Power Management provides a simple and compact solution for installing, powering an...
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by Leprecon in More \ Power Conditioners

The APC Architectural Panel Control system provides a simple solution for integrating architectural and theatrical lighting control into a single system. The APC panels incorporate a clean, low profile design that will blend into any environment. APC comp...
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by Leprecon in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

Leprecon’s twelve channel LP-612 or twenty-four channel LP-624 consoles incorporate the same full travel faders and rugged aluminum chassis design that make our touring consoles the most reliable in the industry. With full size fader knobs, quick action b...
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by Leprecon in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

Equipped with 1024 DMX output channels and 512 channels of control, the LPC series is the perfect DMX lighting control console for users who desire a back to basics approach in a conventional lighting control desk but also require that the feature set gro...
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