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by Meyer in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

The UltraMonitor delivers the final word on high-powered, critical monitoring. Specifically designed for touring reinforcement, the highly accurate, rugged UM-1C biamplified system consists of proprietary 12-inch low-frequency driver in a vented enclosure...
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by Meyer in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

The USM-1 is a high-powered, wide-coverage loudspeaker for professional stage monitoring applications. Specifically designed for touring reinforcement, the accurate, rugged USM-1 is a biamplified system consisting of a proprietary 15-inch low-frequency dr...
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by Meyer in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

By producing flat amplitude and phase responses, full-range bandwidth and exceptional impulse response, the UM-1P far exceeds the capabilities of conventional stage monitors. The UM-1P provides 133 dB SPL peak at 1 meter with excellent intelligibility and...
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by Meyer in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

The Meyer UM-P Series (UM-100P, UM-1P) self-powered stage monitors are composed of: one 12-inch cone driver and one 3-inch diaphragm compression driver; phase-corrected, optimized control electronics; a two-channel amplifier (350 Wrms/ch). The drivers,...
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by Meyer in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage

The USM-1P self-powered stage monitor comprises a 15-inch low-frequency cone driver, a 3-inch diaphragm compression driver with constant-Q horn, phase-corrected signal processing electronics and a dual-channel power amplifier in a rugged enclosure. The US...
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