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by Nexo in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

Injection-moulded bass cabinet featuring a Neodymium high excursion 3000W 12" bass driver with 4″ voice coil. It has the same format – dimensions, weight, gravity centre – as the M46. The hybrid horn-loaded design maximizes the efficiency of the driv...
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by Nexo in Pro Audio \ System Processors

The PS10 TDController is an advanced analogue processor that allows the PS10 Loudspeaker and optional LS600 Subwoofer to achieve exceptional performance from such compact packages. The PS10 TDController provides crossover, sensed amplifier control and sys...
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by Nexo in Pro Audio \ Amplification

The DTDAMP range is composed of two models of four channel amplifiers housed in a 1U rack and weighting only 7.5 Kg. The DTD Controller offers a very efficient solution for processing most of the Nexo Speakers, from the ID series to our world famous PS15....
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by Nexo in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

Developed in conjunction with leading PA hire companies and field tested worldwide, the GEO T Series has re-defined high output sound reinforcement. With unique cardioid dipole midbass, as well as the GEO Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource™, GEO T displays...
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by Nexo in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered

A high power system capable of producing 136dB Peak SPL, the new PS15-R2 Loudspeaker can be safely driven with up to 2000 Watts of amplifier power. Controlled by the new, dedicated PS 15 TDController-R2, or the NXAMP Powered Controller, the PS15-R2 achiev...
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by Nexo in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

NEXO’s 3-way GEO D10 vertical array module achieves exceptional MF-LF output (105dB SPL nominal sensitivity-1W @1m) from a single 12” loudspeaker coupled to a proprietary Directivity Phase Device (DPD). GEO D10 vertical MF/HF pattern control is array depe...
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by Nexo in Pro Audio \ Amplification

The NXAMP 4X1 & 4X4 Powered TDcontrollers are based on an innovative design that will provide the full integration of speaker and amplifier control with output capacities that will allow end users a cost effective solution. The innovative control stru...
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by Nexo in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The CD18 uses an innovative approach to the control of long wavelength low frequency acoustic energy. Sophisticated signal processing algorithms, individually applied to each of the dual-ported 18 inch woofers, produce substantial forward gain and more th...
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by Nexo in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Line Array

Injection-moulded high-power cabinet with innovative components for enhanced performance. Flat-membrane drivers ensure completely even and full-range coverage over entire 90° horizontal dispersion. HF frequency range remains completely linear, using Keton...
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by Nexo in Pro Audio \ Subwoofers: Unpowered

The unconventional GEO SUB displays exceptional forward gain across three octaves eliminating many problems common to omnidirectional LF. A high-efficiency, front-loaded 18” driver delivers 140-143dB Peak SPL, while twin 12” side-firing transducers help c...
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