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SceneStation sets a new standard for full-featured, easy to use, cost-effective DMX lighting control. SceneStation is entirely self-contained in a single gang wall switch sized unit. Perfect for restaurants, high-end residential, trade show booths, church...
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by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

Mini Converters are the world's most advanced and easy-to-use SDI converters. Built with the highest quality components and connectors, Mini Converters automatically switch between SD, HD and 3Gb/s video standards. Whether you want to convert to or from S...
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by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

C-1202 0-10V Lighting Console Features: Master + 12 dimming controls Chasing controls Speed: sound to light/manual Master + 12 flash bottoms with controllers Specifications: Output: 0 - 10V DC Dimension: 382 x 176 x 60 mm (w.h.d.) Weight: 3 kg...
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by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The Madrix Luna 16 is a 19" Rackmount Art-Net to DMX512 USB Interface. The Madrix Luna 16 features 16 x 5 Pin XLR ports that distribute 1 DMX Universe each per port. The Madrix Luna 16 complies with the official Art-Net specifications and can be used...
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by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

SM 6 DUG The Scenemaster Six DUG is a simple, rugged two scene board with six 1000 watt dimmers built in. It features six channels arranged in two scene preset configuration, a single crossfader, a grandmaster slider, a blackout switch, a crossfade timer,...
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by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

Want to pile-on two DMX512 sources? You can't just tie the outputs together like you can with 0 to 10 volt analog control signals. Combining two DMX512 sources requires a computer, like the one in our model 221E DMX Combine Unit [221E]. The combiner intro...
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by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

Simple, Accurate and Rugged, sensorProbe2 is a lower cost SNMP enabled and Web-Based Evironmental Monitoring Device. Based on years of Industry Experience it's ready to run right out of the box, simply assign the IP address and connect to the embedded web...
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by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

The UDS100 Device Server lets you connect serial devices to IP-based Ethernet networks, quickly and easily. Powered by DSTni-LX, Lantronix’s own device networking chip, the UDS100 lets you replace limited distance, point-to-point serial connections. Using...
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by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

CueServer is a complete lighting playback and integration processor, featuring advanced DMX lighting control, sophisticated event scripting and robust I/O capabilities combined in a tiny web-based device. Great for both architectural and entertainment lig...
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