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by Panasonic in More \ Cases

The AJ-HDX400 was developed as a mainstream camera-recorder for HD acquisition and recording. Equipped with a host of new functions, including digital super gain (frame cumulative mode) and digital zoom, the camera section features high sensitivity and su...
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by Panasonic in Video Equipment \ HD Compatible Under 8k Lumens

The PT-D5500 combines a single-chip DLPTM system with Panasonic's original liquid-cooled optical system to offer the industry's highest levels of brightness, image quality, and reliability in a compact, easy-to-carry body.  With its high performance, the...
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by Panasonic in Video Equipment \ Lenses - projector and camera

Find various Panasonic Projector Lenses here. See individual listings for details....
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by Panasonic in Video Equipment \ Monitors - Plasma, LCD and LED

Various models of Panasonic Plasma Displays. See individual listings for more details....
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by Panasonic in Video Equipment \ HD Projectors Over 7k Lumens

The Panasonic PT-DX800ULK boasts superior image quality, flexible installation, and easy maintenance, making it an ideal choice for use in classrooms, auditoriums, houses of worship, museums, and much more. If you are looking for a compact but powerful pr...
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by Panasonic in Video Equipment \ Laser Projectors

The PT-RW630 peak-performing 1-chip DLP projectors were developed with the goal of achieving the highest possible image level as flagship models. Joining the ranks of Panasonic’s SOLID SHINE projectors, The PT-RZ670 Series offers the world’s first *1 6,50...
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by Panasonic in Video Equipment \ HD Projectors Under 7k Lumens

It is no secret that Panasonic has been producing high-quality projectors for over a decade. It should therefore be of no surprise to anyone that they have accomplished that feat again with the PT-D6000ULK DLP Projector. This 1-chip DLP projector is brigh...
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by Panasonic in Video Equipment \ Cameras

Panasonic AJ-SDX900P 50M DVC Pro Camcorder. comes with mic. viewfinder Two available one with slight pixel missing at top right and the other with no dead pixels. (207) serial # operational hrs. are 2280, Drum 1150, thread 10395. 2nd one (060)serial # ope...
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by Panasonic in Video Equipment \ HD Compatible Projectors 8k Lm+

PT-RZ31K 30000 lumens-class Solid Shine Laser Projector. Stunning image quality in a compact body designed for large venue applications. Benefits of the PT-RZ31K Laser Projector 1. Original Laser Technology for elite performance Combines 3-Chip DLP with...
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by Panasonic in Video Equipment \ HD Compatible Projectors 8k Lm+

The PT-MZ770 Series features newly released 8,000-lumen high-brightness projector models that enable clear and vivid large-screen projection in bright environments. The MZ770 Series combines Panasonic’s time-proven LCD with industry-leading SOLID SHINE La...
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