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by Pulsar in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

Pulsar introduced the world to the trend setting ChromaBank some 3 years ago and the ChromaBank Mk2 still remains the popular choice for designers. Pulsar is proud to continue to set the standards with the latest ChromaBankIP model. It’s Sleek, Compact, M...
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by Pulsar in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

Pulsar’s leading edge powerful ChromaFlood 50 is an amazing high-power, low voltage LED lighting fixture housed in a compact IP66 round enclosure.  The ChromaFlood 50 is packed with the latest in TriColour technology – 15 x 3W devices – and utilises our a...
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by Pulsar in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

The ChromaFlood100 is a high-power LED fixture housed in a compact IP66 flood enclosure. • Available in Round and Square formats • Available in TriColour, RGB, Variable White and Single Colour LED populations • Powered directly from 100-240 Volts AC 100 W...
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by Pulsar in Lighting & Effects \ Strobes

The most compact strobe within the range is the Super-Maxi Strobe. The cabinet holds the specially designed parabolic reflector and the unit is also fitted with a remote control socket for the Rainbow, Remote Control or other suitable controllers....
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by Pulsar in Lighting & Effects \ Architectural

• Our ChromaBatten17 features RGB LEDs within a beautifully designed enclosure. The ChromaBatten17 is fitted as standard with a U-bracket, but an optional fully articulating mounting bracket (shown above) is available separately to provide increased insta...
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by Pulsar in Lighting & Effects \ Architectural

• Provides power and control for up to 2 ChromaRange fixtures • 6 x +10 Volt inputs (via 2 x DIN in/thru) • Channel layout = Fixture 1 RED, GREEN, BLUE, Fixture 2 RED, GREEN, BLUE • Individual control of each ChromaRange fixture • 100-130 / 200-250V 50-60...
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by Pulsar in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

• The ChromaPanel is a square colour mixing panel that utilises high-power LEDs to create a vivid panel of changing colour making it ideal for suspended ceilings or decorative wall or set displays • ChromaPanels are available in 600mm and 300mm sizes...
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by Pulsar in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

Pulsar 12 channel, 2 Scene Lighting Control Desk....
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by Pulsar in Lighting & Effects \ Dimming

The range of Pulsar Rackpaks encompasses equipment suitable for the smallest venue up to the largest. Since a high proportion are exported throughout the world, Pulsar Rackpaks are available in a wide range of configurations and are suitable for many diff...
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