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by Rosco in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

Size matters - and Braq Cubes deliver where others can't! Using 21 high-quality Cree XML 4W emitters, the Braq Cube WNC designed by The Black Tank outputs more than 7000 lumens and can adjust from 2700K to 6500K. A unique mix of warm, neutral and cool LED...
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by Rosco in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

Allows for the attachment of any V-Mount style battery (sold separately) Attaches to the back of the LitePad Vector V-Mount Assembly 292000808402...
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by Rosco in Lighting & Effects \ Scenic/Projections Effects

Using the iPro Image Projector™ and a typical theatrical spotlight, project virtually any image you want - quickly, affordably, and easily. A simple device provides an ingenious solution... In short, the iPro Image Projector™ projects an image created fr...
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by Rosco in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Conventional

The VORTEX 360 Dual Rotator is one of the most versatile accessories ever offered to lighting designers. And its incredibly low price makes it possible for any theatre or venue to have several copies available to cover any space or meet any need. The slee...
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by Rosco in Lighting & Effects \ Other - Lasers & Effects

Find various Rosco Gobos here. See individual listings for details....
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by Rosco in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

LitePad Loop is an innovative and unique approach to the ring light. Powered by the Rosco LitePad light engine, LitePad Loop is a soft, lightweight, and powerful ring light that can work with virtually any camera and lens system. The ingenious, two-part d...
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by Rosco in Lighting & Effects \ Foggers

Using precision designed components coupled with a new electronics design known as Delta Technology™, Rosco's new Delta 3000 Fog Machine provides the tools to make fog and smoke a more versatile and creative component for any performance, film or video pr...
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by Rosco in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

Rosco's new power supplies are compatible with nearly all the color scrollers, gobo rotators and other accessory devices in common use. Most models of Wybron, Rainbow, AC Lighting or Apollo scrollers can be powered by the Rosco PSUs. In addition, the Rosc...
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by Rosco in Video Equipment \ Cameras

Rosco Lens Cleaner has been the choice of professional cameramen and cinematographers for over 50 years. Its unique formulation is especially designed for cleaning glass lenses, mirrors, dichroic filters, and other fine quality glass optics. It is easy-to...
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by Rosco in Lighting & Effects \ Parts

Find various Rosco Fogger Parts here. See individual listings for deatils....
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