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by Selecon in Lighting & Effects \ Ellipsoidals/Lekos

A wide range of axial ellipsoidals delivering a "cool" beam of light. This family of products delivers a crisp “white” light with little or no distortion, ideal for gobo projection and precise beam shaping. The Pacific family of fixtures is ener...
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by Selecon in Lighting & Effects \ Ellipsoidals/Lekos

High performance ellipsoidal variable beam 1.0/1.2kw profiles. Two ranges of beam angles, Medium and Wide with interchangeable lens trays. Typically used in medium to large theatres, concert and entertainment venues for controlled illumination from audito...
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by Selecon in Lighting & Effects \ Ellipsoidals/Lekos

See listing for details....
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by Selecon in Lighting & Effects \ Ellipsoidals/Lekos

The original Acclaim Zoomspot - 18°-34° model using base down ‘T’ class lamps. The beam of the Acclaim Zoomspot is easily shaped using the shutters with their generous size handles. The beam distribution is simply altered from peak to flat. The two inte...
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by Selecon in Lighting & Effects \ Ellipsoidals/Lekos

Variable beam, precise control and shaping of the beam using integral shutter masks. Excellent image pattern projectors. Wide angle beam range axial zoomspot for 3-20m/10-65ft throw distances. Simple lamp alignment delivers maximum light output and beam q...
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