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by SGM in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

Pilot 3000 is a sophisticated DMX controller ideal for controlling large and small lighting systems. Pilot 3000 can control up to 1024 DMX channels via two independent DMX outputs. Using the Pilot 3000 is simplified by the logical layout of its controls a...
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by SGM in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

Pilot 2000 is a universal DMX controller able to control up to 20 'intelligent' units (moving head fixtures, scanners, colour-changers, dimmers, etc.) with a maximum of 36 channels each, for a total of 512 DMX channels. Pilot 2000 is mounted in a 4-unit r...
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by SGM in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting

The stylish lines, functionality, energy saving and absolute running silence of the Palco 3 are combined with the ability to be aimed, thanks to the pan and tilt feature of the PALCO 3 MOBILE version. PALCO 3 MOBILE is fitted with absolute encoders, so w...
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by SGM in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

Studio 12 Scan Control is a reliable user-friendly lighting console, able to control 12 or 24 channels of dimmable fixtures, and 12 'intelligent' units using up to 36 DMX channels each. Studio 12 Scan Control's controls include:Manual Presets (2 rows of 1...
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by SGM in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

A fixture with an exclusive design, an exceptional tool thanks to its functional qualities as well as to its stylish contribution, that can be offered to any type show, performance or installation. SGM’s Palco 3 isn’t just a new idea in colour-changing fi...
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