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by Sony in Video Equipment \ Cameras

Affordable 4K/2K RAW options with 4K Super35mm sensor and Super slow motion The NEX-FS700R is an NXCAM camcorder with a superior 4K Super35mm CMOS sensor, super slow motion capability and an interchangeable E-mount lens system, offering unrivalled flexibi...
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by Sony in Video Equipment \ Video Accessories

The DVMC-DA2 features a hardware based codec system (compression/decompression device) for optimum performance when converting analog video to digital, or vice versa. It has an interface for editing control. It connects to Sony VCRs, camcorders and edit c...
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by Sony in Video Equipment \ Monitors - Plasma, LCD and LED

The Sony PVM-9L2 monitor is small enough to take into the field and high quality enough for broadcast applications. It incorporates the commonly required Y/C and composite inputs and can be upgraded to accept component and serial digital signals. Addition...
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by Sony in Video Equipment \ Recording and Playback

The Sony DVW-M2000 is a studio Digital Beta VTR that replaces the ubiquitous DVW-A500. The unit is lighter in weight, consumes less energy and offers greater head-life than the previous model. The deck plays back Betacam, Beta SP, Beta SX, MPEG IMX and of...
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by Sony in Video Equipment \ Recording and Playback

The PDW-1500 Compact Deck is a half-rack sized recorder optimized for use with non-linear editing systems. Despite its compact size, this deck offers high-speed data transfers between compatible non-linear devices to create a powerful editing tool for new...
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by Sony in Video Equipment \ Cameras

Sony’s XDCAM EX professional product range is designed to exploit the ultimate high performance of SxS memory cards. It combines a proven, non-linear XDCAM workflow with the only Full HD resolution sensor system available in a compact camcorder. This adva...
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by Sony in Video Equipment \ Cameras

The PMW-EX1 is the first in a new range of professional HD products - called XDCAM EX - which record onto memory-based SxS ExpressCard media. Designed from the ground up to exploit the ultimate high performance of SxS PRO memory cards, the PMW-EX1 combine...
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by Sony in Video Equipment \ Monitors - Plasma, LCD and LED

For video professionals in the field, Sony's PVM-8040 Fine-Pitch 8-inch Color Monitor features 250 TV lines of resolution, a beam current feedback circuit, composite or Y/C input and output, rack mount capability (5 rack units high), and a built-in speake...
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by Sony in Video Equipment \ Monitors - Plasma, LCD and LED

The Sony Bravia KLH-W26 is a 26" professional LCD monitor designed specifically for use in commercial, industrial and hospitality environments. The panel's bright display provides ample illumination for even the most harshly lit public areas, while i...
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by Sony in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - Non HD

The DFS-700 is an ideally proportioned, easy-to-operate switcher incorporating digital multi effects. Offering the precision of full component digital processing, all the creativity of hundreds of preset special effects, and the flexibility of 16:9 or 4:3...
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