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by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The CXI IT™ offers the legendary dual scroller color mixing you've come to trust &ndash but now with the security of feedback with Infotrace, the feedback system built with the industry-standard communication protocol Remote Device Management, or RDM....
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by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

THE STANDARD IN SCROLLING COLOR CHANGERS For two decades, one name has risen above all others when it comes to scrolling color changers: Wybron. Today is no exception. THE COLORAM II is the standard in professional color changing, offering the widest arr...
320 Available
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by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Wybron's RAM power supplies work with the entire family of Coloram II color changers, CXI color mixers, Eclipse and Eclipse II mechanical dowsers and Goboram II gobo rotators. They come in three different sizes rated for 6, 12, and 24 heads. Each model us...
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by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The 7.5-inch Aquaram™IT is the smallest weather-resistant scrolling color changer in Wybron’s family of professional-grade color changers. It’s the next step up from the Aquaram™II family of color changers, which we produced for nearly 20 years. The IT ge...
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by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

Coloram I Scrollers from Wybron. See individual lisstings for details....
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by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

Track even the most active performers in real time with Wybron's award-winning Autopilot II™, which transforms moving lights into followspots. With Autopilot II, performers wear small beltpack transponders that send signals to the Autopilot II, and Autopi...
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by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Dimming

The 1K Eclipse IT Shutter dowser is the smallest unit in Wybron's family of professional-grade dowsers. It's the evolutionary step up from the Eclipse II family of dowsers, which we produced for nearly 15 years. This classic style of mechanical dowser has...
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by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Automated

The Coloram IT color changer delivers everything you love about the Coloram II – the color, the reliability, the quality – but now with the added benefits of feedback with Wybron's Infotrace Control and Management System. The eight sizes of the Coloram IT...
Temporarily Out Of Stock
by Wybron in Lighting & Effects \ Controls

Infogate™ serves as the heart of Wybron’s Infotrace feedback system, which uses the industry-standard feedback protocol Remote Device Management, or RDM, to gather vital feedback from the equipment on a lighting rig. The name Infogate refers to two system...
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