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by Listen in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

Thanks to its outstanding audio quality, the Listen LT-800 Stationary Transmitter can be used in a variety of applications. The LT-800 is connected to your main audio system, broadcasting a high quality audio signal to belt pack receivers, stationary rece...
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by DAS Audio in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

ST-2000 System consitis of the ST-215 and ST-218....
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by Nady Systems in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

Access PSS-300 Portable Sound System. Features: Ultra compact portable PA system with 2 speakers and a detachable 8 channel powered mixer Lightweight (21lbs) and easy to transport and set up. Speaker pole mountable o optional Nady SPST-3A/4A speaker stan...
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by VUE Audiotechnik in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

The al-8 Compact Line Array System picks up where the al-4 Subcompact Line Array System leaves off. The al-8 ‘Acoustic Linearity’ element utilizes VUE’s most advanced technologies including CST to extract exceptional performance from its compact design. I...
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by FBT in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

QUBE QSA Sound Products fulfills the widest sound reinforcement needs with complete range of systems studied to meet live sound applications as well as permanent installations....
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by KV2 Audio in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

A truly scalable system, it is compact and modular with all the electronics and amplification housed in separate, portable units – the EPAK 2500 and 2500R. Placing the active electronics package outboard results in a lighter, easier to handle system with...
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by M-Audio in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

With the polished acoustic design of its exclusive planar waveguide, an even long distance coverage is obtained in the highest frequencies and the coupling problems in the vertical plan are avoided, without energy losses. The incorporated rigging system o...
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by Wharfedale Pro in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

Wharfedale Full PA System. See individual listings for details....
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by XTC in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

The X-Treme Compact Line speakers are highly efficient touring products suitable for a wide variety of small and medium scale live sound applications. The model XTC is a 3 way biamplified loudspeaker with a 15" woofer with a 4" coil, horn midran...
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by K-array Systems in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems

The K-array KH4 is a high performance self-powered, 2-way line array speaker system. At just over 51 Kg (113.32 lb) and 16 cm deep (6 inches), its ultra-compact aluminum enclosure contains an incredible reserve of power.that ensures very high sound pressu...
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