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by Antari in Lighting & Effects \ Fans/Wind Machines

The Antari AF-3 is a mini but all-purpose stage fan with features 4 control options linear output control, low power consumption, adjustable output directions and a durable road worthy metal housing in a compact package. With on board DMX control and manu...
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by American DJ in Lighting & Effects \ Fans/Wind Machines

Ideal for spreading fog, as well as providing theatrical wind effects, the Entour Cyclone, part of ADJ Entour Series of atmospherics, is a versatile and powerful portable fan. It offers speed adjustment between 500 and 2,600rpm (500 and 3,000rpm @ 230V) a...
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by LeMaitre in Lighting & Effects \ Fans/Wind Machines

The Versa Fan is a compact, heavy duty fan that is versatile, small and powerful. It can be used in many applications, pushing fog or haze, blowing bubbles or distributing snow evenly across the stage. It incorporates a ratchet, positive locking positioni...
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by LeMaitre in Lighting & Effects \ Fans/Wind Machines

This high performance wind machine represents the leading edge in wind management technology. With accolades from film and theatre professionals, this effects fan offers a unique combination of extremely compact size, quiet operation, matched with superla...
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by LeMaitre in Lighting & Effects \ Fans/Wind Machines

The LeMaitre Zephyr Fan was designed to be used in conjunction with our range of fog & haze machines, to assist in the dispersement of the effect into the atmosphere. This unique design allows most machines to be placed directly on top of the zephyr f...
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by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Fans/Wind Machines

Huffer Blowers can be use for a variety of different things from inflating bouncy rides or air dancers to drying floors....
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by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Fans/Wind Machines

Single-speed fans (not speed-controllable) provide spot cooling where space is limited. All AC units are rated at 60/50 Hz (50 Hz operation will decrease CMF by approximately 20%). Zerofriction fans eliminate friction between shaft and bearing for rotatio...
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by Other in Lighting & Effects \ Fans/Wind Machines

When precision, pin-point control over the speed and direction of air-flow is needed, a fan simply will not do. You need a Jetstream, Bowens industry-standard professional wind machine. The cylindrical design of the Jetstream wind machines allow you to cr...
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by Mole Richardson in Lighting & Effects \ Fans/Wind Machines

The Type 6971 18” DMX Windmachine Moleffect is designed to create wind effects from a slight breeze to a stiff wind with minimal noise. The Windmachine is effective at dispensing foliage, dust (Fullers Earth) and artificial snowflakes, in addition to mani...
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