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by Lycian in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

• 2kw Xenon Lamp • Separate Slot for diffuser, UV or correction filter • Centre mounted 6-colour boomerang (reversible) • Single lever trombone intensifies beam as diameter is reduced • Ball bearing movements on Pan & Tilt • Rapid tilt balance adjustm...
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by Robert Juliat in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

Buxie is the little spot with the powerful punch. The electronic PSU is quiet under performance conditions and is fixed to the yoke for space saving. The 2,000-hour, 575W MSD HR lamp, lends the user the confidence of hot re-strike for rapid action followi...
8 Available
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by Robert Juliat in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

The Robert Juliat Heloise uses a 2500w MSR lamp and is designed as a overhead follow spot (short throw) with a zoom range of 15º to 29º Ideal as truss light or balcony follower. Thanks to it’s compact ad efficient design, the Heloise is very easy to handl...
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by Lycian in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

M2 Followspot System The M2 Followspot System is a collection of modules that, depending on configuration, when assembled will yield follow spotlights capable of wide angle short throw to narrow beam long throw units. The modules consist of Main Chassis,...
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by Clay Paky in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

SHADOW followspots use the sophisticated electronics and micro mechanics technology of intelligent spotlights, wich are now widely used both in both theatrical and mobile applications. With its thorough going knowledge of the needs of these professional u...
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by Strong in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

The Gladiator III is designed for larger venues where the extra punch of a 3000 watt xenon lamp is desired. Incorporating all of the standard features and quality of a Strong product the Gladiator III is the fixture of choice for all major arena tours. Fe...
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by Strong in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

Strong Gladiator II More powerful than the industry standard Super Troupers ® or other followspots in its class, the Gladiator II® is made for large auditoriums and arenas.  Efficiency   The Gladiator II lamphouse has been designed for maximum efficie...
6 Available
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by Elation in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

The new PRO FS 15R™ is a high output medium throw followspot featuring the Phillips™ MSD Platinum 15R lamp, 2,000 hour average lamp life, 13,500 total lumens with5° to 10° manual zoom, (5) dichroic colors including CTB plus white, (4) manual gel frame hol...
25 Available
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by Sagitter in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

Infinity Club is specifically designed for installation in clubs and discos. 28 ° optics (optional 18°) Color wheel with 7 dichroic colors + white Rainbow effect in both directions Effect wheel with rotatable 3-fold prism, 2 color correction filters for...
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by Robert Juliat in Lighting & Effects \ Follow Spots

Alex tungsten followspots are ideal for television studios, opera houses and ballets. The mechanical dimmer shutter ensures a constant colour temperature is maintained during dimming while retaining the flat beam which is so important when using sensitive...
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