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by Arri in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

The ARRI Studio Fresnel series is the ideal choice for TV and film studios where high performance tungsten lampheads are required. Large, high quality lenses provide great efficiency and a wide beam spread....
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by Elation in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

The new DW Fresnel™ features a 250W 100,000 hour average life dynamic LED engine, 13° to 41° manual zoom, variable color temperature settings (3,200K - 6,000K), no noise thermo-optical cooling, manual and DMX controlled strobe and dimmer, variable dimming...
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by ETC in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

A Fresnel that's a Source Four. Your lighting rig is now complete. ETC's new Source Four Fresnel brings you the soft-focus lighting and sparkle you love, with Source Four quality and efficiency. Lighting designers have long applied the romance of Fresnel...
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by Strand in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

The Castor is a light-weight, compact fresnel spotlight suitable for studio or outside location. It is available with Bi-post or 4 pin lampholders, the latter for use with twin filament lamps where either or both filaments can be selected for choice of li...
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by Altman in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

Altman’s exciting new series of Proline Location and Studio Fresnels offer a brilliant combination of style, durability, performance and efficiency. The 300L is a rugged, compact location set light for use as a small key, backlight or kicker. The luminair...
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by Altman in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

A lightweight, long throw, all purpose lighting device the 8" fresnel produces a soft edged beam which varies in diameter from 6.3 feet to 25 feet at a throw distance of 30 feet. The 75Q and 175Q are designed for operation with the long life, high in...
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by ADB in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

EUROSPOT F51 18° – 65° Fresnel spotlight The F51 is characterised by a soft-edged beam variable from a tight spot of 18° to a wide flood of 65°. Dimensions: 245 x 220 x 240 mm. Net weight: 2.2 kg...
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by ADB in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

This spotlight, based on high efficiency optics, produces a semi-sharp-edged beam. It can be used for top, front or side lighting. Field angle adjustable from 8° to 58° (4.5° – 54° beam angle). Dimensions: 545 x 400 x 510 mm. Net weight: 12.6 kg. ...
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by Miscellaneous in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

Find various Fresnels here. See individual listings for details....
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by Desisti in Lighting & Effects \ Fresnels

The De Sisti family of Quartz-Halogen Studio Fresnels are rugged, compact and light weight. The De Sisti Leonardo Line begins with the versatile Magis Fresnel which houses a 300, 500 or 650 watt bi postal lamp and can be purchased individually with manual...
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