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by Sony in Video Equipment \ Recording and Playback

The Sony DVW-M2000 is a studio Digital Beta VTR that replaces the ubiquitous DVW-A500. The unit is lighter in weight, consumes less energy and offers greater head-life than the previous model. The deck plays back Betacam, Beta SP, Beta SX, MPEG IMX and of...
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by Doremi Labs in Video Equipment \ Recording and Playback

The V1x2 has two separate video channels. This unit is specially designed for multi-channel video applications where space is at a premium. Typical applications of the V1x2 are: • Video and Key channel recording • Logo Insertion • Video projection walls •...
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by Tascam in Video Equipment \ Recording and Playback

The BD-R2000 captures standard or high-definition video to hard drive, DVD or Blu-ray™ media – with authoring and editing features to make the perfect disc. The multi-format recorder can store video on the hard drive, perform simple edits then author a di...
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by Tascam in Video Equipment \ Recording and Playback

The TASCAM HS-20 is a professional solid-state audio recorder and player, built for the needs of network-connected installations. Reliable recording and playback can be controlled, accessed, and scheduled from an internet connection, allowing remote acces...
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by JVC in Video Equipment \ Recording and Playback

The companion model to ProHD camcorders, this HDV/DV spooler is designed to transfer video and audio data to a non-linear editing system. Optimized for use with a wide variety of existing systems and formats, this unit features switchable HDV and DV modes...
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by Sony in Video Equipment \ Recording and Playback

Digital Betacam Editing Recorder (digital recorder/player).Coefficient recording (component digital), playback of Digital Betacam recordings only, pre-read audio and video capability, SMPTE 259M serial digital V/A interface, built-in Component analog vide...
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