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by Klark Teknik in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

Even in this digital age, we’ve kept sight of the numerous applications where analogue devices provide the best solution. One such application is providing multiple feeds from a single source, hence the introduction of the DN1248 Plus Active Signal Splitt...
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by ETC in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The OPTO-Splitter allows a single DMX512 line to be configured in a star configuration.  There are 5 separate DMX512 outputs and optically isolates inputs from outputs for ground fault isolation.  It is available in 19-inch, 1U EIA rack mount or portable...
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by Rapco in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The MDS media distribution system is perfect for press conferences or any situation requiring a single mic signal to be "split" multiple times.  Its features include a rugged steel box, paralleled XLR female, XLR male, and 1/4 inch TRS inputs fo...
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by Crown in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The CT8SHO amplifier switcher gives users of public address systems confidence that their system is operational and healthy. For the first time, the public address system industry has an alternative to proprietary amplifier switching technology at an affo...
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by Behringer in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The ULTRAMATCH PRO SRC2496 is the successor of the renowned SRC2000, and enables you to transfer digital audio signals between devices with different sample rates, formats or interfaces and remove dropouts or jitter from digital media. Simultaneously oper...
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by Sierra Video Systems in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The Sierra Pro XL models support video resolutions up to and exceeding 1600 x 1200 @ 75Hz with extremely low crosstalk and 450MHz (-3dB) video bandwidth. The family features a user-friendly, color-coded (RGBHV) rear panel design and front panel control In...
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by Roland in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The REAC splitter equipped with embedded power. “REAC Embedded Power” is unique Roland technology that enables the transfer of not only the digital audio signal but also the power required by the connected device - all via one CAT5e cable.The S-4000D Spli...
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by Kramer Electronics in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The VS-55A is high-performance switcher for unbalanced stereo audio signals. It switches any one of five signals to a single output.  S/N Ratio — >78dB.  Control — Front panel & contact closure (via link connector)....
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by Optocore in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

The DIGITAL I/O UNIT DD32 was developed for highest performance professional audio and video applications and is devised for the transmission of a maximum amount of digital data via optical fibre. High integration density achieved with SMD production ensu...
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by Digigram in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers

Functioning as Ethernet audio bridges, EtherSound ES8in and EtherSound ES8out offer an easy and affordable way to install and distribute up to 64 channels of high-quality audio using standard Ethernet switches and CAT5 cabling. Key features: EtherSound E...
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