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by Barco in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - HD

The Event Master EC-50 event controller delivers instant access and great situational awareness for everything from trade show booths to large corporate events and even music tours. Its small footprint makes it suitable for most control environments, whil...
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by Folsom in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - HD

BlendPRO accepts RGB video from up to 4 high-resolution video sources and processes the video for display in multi-projector widescreen format. Processing includes data doubling to generate overlapped projected regions as well as edge-feathering of the ov...
34 Available
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34 Used
by Folsom in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - HD

ScreenPRO is ideal for use whenever multiple video sources must be seamlessly switched to provide a professional quality presentation. ScreenPRO is designed for live staging events, auditoriums, multimedia presentations, educational and training events. ...
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by Sony in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - HD

The DSC-1024HD Digital Scan Converter is the replacement for the DSC-1024G. The DSC-1024HD supports 1080i output formats as well as scan converts, transcodes, standard converts, aspect ratio converts, line doubles and signal processes. The DSC-1024HD has...
6 Available
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by Christie Digital in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - HD

The Christie Spyder X20 is the world's most powerful and versatile video processor and presentation switcher. Combined with the flexibility of a video matrix switcher, easily converting and routing any signal to any device or combination of display device...
5 Available
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by Barco in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - HD

ImagePRO-3G All-in-one Signal Processor Thanks to Barco's high performance image processing technology, the ImagePRO-3G is a high-performance video scaler, scan converter, switcher and transcoder all rolled into one. ImagePRO is the ideal solution for con...
12 Available
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12 Used
by Barco in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - HD

ImagePRO-II is an advanced high performance all-in-one video scaler, scan converter, switcher and transcoder converting any input signal format to any output format. ImagePRO-II supports Universal Analog, DVI single and dual link, HDMI, DisplayPort and SD...
46 Available
0 New
46 Used
by Barco in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - HD

PresentationPRO is a compact, reliable system that simplifies the task of supporting professional quality audiovisual presentations. The unit combines a seven input A/V router, a high performance video scaler, an audio processor, and a full-featured contr...
81 Available
0 New
81 Used
by Barco in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - HD

The ScreenPRO-II HD Seamless Switcher is a multi-layer video display system that combines seamless switching with a variety of flexible video effects. ScreenPRO-II HD uses four image layers (Unscaled Background, up to two scaled PIPs or Keys, and an unsca...
35 Available
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by Analog Way in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - HD

ORC50 at a glance: > User-friendly and powerful Remote Controller > Controls simultaneously up to 6 screens in single or multiple display configuration > Can store up to 64 presets per screen selection > Controls a large number of Analo...
4 Available
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